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Has Instant Food Improved the Way People Live?

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Essay Preview: Has Instant Food Improved the Way People Live?

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Has Instant Food Improved The Way People Live?

Do you eat instant food? Are you addicted to junk food? Yes! You won't believe how delicious instant food is. Did you know, by a research says most of people eat so much instant food because it is more convenient or it is what people like to eat . We know that instant food is the faster way to be prepared when we get hungry, disaster, or even economic crisis. Some junk foods we should beware of like fast food meals, chips, juices with added sugar & color, candy, lunchables, doughnuts, cookies, and many more. There are three reasons why mostly people eat instant food. It's more economical & practical, doesn't waste time & easy to go, and unhealthy.

First reason, instant food is more economical & practical to serve because most of them sell those foods at low price yet simple ingredients to cook & serve. For example, Indomie the instant noodle from Indonesia only cost Rp. 1.297,- each pack as seen at Carrefour Duta Merlin on September 6th, 2011. And, how to serve it? Easy. We only just need to boil the noodle, add some vegetables, and seasoning. That's very practical. Even in Taiwan, they were blocked Indomie from Taiwan because it was so popular, cheaper, taste better than their own instant noodle .

Second reason, instant food doesn't waste time & easy to go. In this era, everything is supposed to be fast whatever it is technology or fast food. For example, we can find 7-Eleven outlets wherever we go around Jakarta, now. Usually, the distance between one outlet to another outlet only takes around 10-25 minutes. Next, we see lots of 24 hours stores like 7-Eleven, Circle K, sell food that just need to be warm in the microwave then can be easy to take it home or any where we like to go. So, people now go breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the fast food store. Quick and simple.



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