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Many People Live Their Lives

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"We would be ashamed of our finest acts if the world we were aware of the motives behind them"

In the beginning life is said to be simple, but as reaching the days and age of present time the world today is not an easy place to live in. People thrive on others guilt and actions which are not of influence. There are no longer just judges in court, now it is all around us.

It is seldom today that one is actually allowed to be human, even mistakes are looked at differently in the sense of it being purpose or curiosity of experience. So many people live their lives as lies, they don't express who the truly are. They purposely hide behind their success and the masks they put on to impress others.

By realizing this I believe that people would be ashamed of their finest acts and deeds if it were known to others that their reasons behind them were consciously not pure, the reasons are greed and the desire to be better than that of others.

Motives play an important role in the values we display; they bring about many actions of one. Many people's deeds and acts are only for 'show'. There isn't any heartfelt reason behind it or a desire of being a good person.

Most people believe they don't have a choice, they put on a mask to be accepted or liked, to be in a social circle they have to display values and actions of others. Perfection is sought after by many people and same go to extreme lengths to get it.

Yes, our mothers today should be for the better of the world, yet many people have forgotten this, their motives behind their acts are only to make others have a positive view about them and to look good. Being successful should be for self-satisfaction, not to satisfy others.

Many people would be ashamed to let others know about their first motives. It is sometimes difficult to see right from wrong, we are so caught up in the nest of the world that our judgment is clouded. It has become hard to start out without throwing in a few lines.

Many of us have a blind-sided feeling that lie isn't very fair and because of this we don't always tend to do what is right. A big part of the blame is on the world but sometimes as individuals we need to change our motives so we can be proud of our acts, after all every action has a reaction.



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