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Bcom 230 - Evaluating Business Communication

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Essay Preview: Bcom 230 - Evaluating Business Communication

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Evaluating Business Communication

Aylin Rodriguez

BCOM/230 Business Communication for Accountants

August 13, 2012

Evaluating Business Communication

1. How well did the communication convey the intended message?

Communication is something important in everybody's life. It happens when conveying a message between one person to another. Communication occurs when people connect or shares belief, opinions, and thoughts. Communication is a method of interaction and connectivity. It can immediately bring people together or make them apart. Throughout communication we can deliver news, facts, and connect ideas. Communication is the most important factor of an organization's ability to operate internally and externally as well as nationally and internationally. I think that the types of communiqués team A used in week four assignments did convey the intended message. The general observation was that JJJ was not financially stable to continue with the acquisition. These opinions were presented using different communication methods memos and e-mail.

2. Would another type of communication have been more appropriate? Why?

I think that the communiqués team A used were perfect to express the observations that the accounting manager and assistant had. The memos and e-mail were formal and well presented. I would not use a text to explain something important regarding the acquisition of a company. This is something important, and a text in this business environment would be informal and not professional.

3. Is the communication at the appropriate level for the intended audience?

I think the communication was at the appropriated level for the intended audience. The senders explain clearly what was going to happen if the acquisition occurs.

4. How did the leadership styles in the scenario affect the communication within the group?

In this scenario I do not think that the leadership style affect the communication within the group. Possessing different leadership style is a good thing in an organization atmosphere. For example, William was an authoritarian leader, who likes to delegate and make sure that every task is completed, and that the results would be beneficial to the company. At the same time is good to have a faire leadership style, whose focus is on policies and procedures, like John and Beth. They make sure that things were completed under the company's rules and regulations and ensure business compliance.

5. What changes would you recommend to improve the communiqué?




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