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Com 285 - Business Communications Concept Paper

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Business Communication Concepts

COM/285 Introduction to Business Communication

March 17, 2011

Dr. Angelia Williams

Business Communication Concepts

In business, communication is a living and moving organism that takes many forms within an organization. Good business communication is about sharing information in ways that are useful to everyone in your daily interactions. Solid communication skills in our daily exchanges with peers, customers, and management help build relationships and cohesiveness for successful ventures (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). As the advancement of technology expands, business services are outsourced, businesses downsize, and employers globally are mandating staff do more with fewer resources; the one soft skill that remains a must for employers is good communication. This paper will explain the role of communication in the author's day-to-day work activities, communication trends in the workplace, and the message types resulting from the trends.

As an employee with the State of Georgia serving as a public health Trainer and MCH Analyst, communication is vital to the daily execution of my day-to-day work activities. Communication affords me a platform to work cross functionally with leadership, management, and peers in assessing the needs of the organization. Once the assessments are completed, research is done to find sources or to develop trainings to assist and facilitate staff and the organizations needs. Also, having the ability to communicate effectively at every level of the organization allows me to assist my customers with developing funding opportunities and proposals, conceptualizing deliverables work products, developing and managing peer-exchange collaborations, facilitating team and partnership meetings, preparing and editing organizational documents, creating policies, letters, memorandums; conducting computer, interpersonal, and other hard and soft skill trainings, and translating emergent trends around Maternal and Child Health.

Possessing good communication skills is important to managing my daily work activities. As a subject matter expert in a few areas at all times my communication must be accurate, clear and concise. As a solid communicator, I must interpret federal guidance, state polices, and programmatic data for my external and internal customers. To effectively manage my job requirements requires actively listening, critical thinking, and collaboration. I do believe the most challenging component of my job is collaboration. Collaboration seeks goal achievement by creating shared values, purposes, and visions (Universityof Washington School of Public Health, 2007). As a trainer and analyst coordinating diverse viewpoints, requires group thinking that recognizes clear, advantageous transformation for all participants and assessing barriers and setting priorities. My job can only be fulfilled by understanding

Some of the communication trends my organization have embraced are social media tools such advertising and procuring pages on Facebook, Twitter, and



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