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Com 285 - Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends




In today's society, many different methods of communication have evolved. Where once the only forms of communication came from written documents and verbal communications, time has brought us such types of communication as email, PDA's and Smart phones. Other types of communications have improved business interactions is use of wireless networking and data management for a large building.

Currently, there are many types of communication that are used at the type of business that I currently work at. I work as a site supervisor for a security company. Currently we provide security services for a large distribution center. There are many different ways that I communicate with my security officers. In this type of industry, communication is not only necessary but it can mean losing lives and property if not done correctly. One of the main ways that I communicate with my security officers is through verbal communication. I make it a point to visit each of the posts of the site to check on all of my guards. Sometimes it is easier for individuals to communicate open about concerns when that communication can be done face to face.

For communications between posts that is not immediate, such as informing other guards that guests are coming on a different day, the guards can email each other to let each other know of such events. For update that need immediate attention, the guards can call on their multi-line telephone system or on their two way radio system that can connect them instantly to all the security guards on the site.

In order for our client to communicate with the security guards, many times they will use the multi-line telephone system to call a guard to inform them of changes that are being made. Also if there is a change that they are expecting in the near future, they can email the guards as well. Executives at the distribution center can quickly request information from the security guards at any time. This has been an essential communication for this site. Executives have access to company emails at home, through laptop computers that the distribution center provides. This keeps the executives aware of any security problems that there may be. This also allows the executives to communicate, when it is not possible for them to physically be at the site. Every email that a security guard gets must be printed out and placed on a clip board where every security officer can read the email. It is required that the security officer checks this pass down log at the beginning of every shift to ensure proper communication



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