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Bees Case

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razilian BImmigrations contributes to America in many ways. Let me take you back to the early times when the Americas where just developing, when Columbus found the new world in which we call today the united states of America. Although he found what we call America, Columbus is also responsible for finding America, he is also responsible locating slaves as well. Finding these African Americans as we call them today open a can of worms to how America is now shaped into as we know, which has become so diverse. Africans were then brought to the Americas as indentured servants at first, but that shortly changed after awhile. African Americans were made into permanent slaves without any hope of freedom. Slaves were made to do jobs that an average or poor white man didn't want to do such as work in the fields, picking cotton, working on the plantations, and tending to the process of picking sugar cane. What the slaves did wasn't just slavery but in a way they build America with their own bear hands, sweat, and tears. In my opinion at the time of slavery, slaves basically were the core when it came to how well the economy fluctuate. Basically with out the slaves I am pretty sure America would've went into depression because we were to dependent on these slaves contributing to society at the time. When you ask me how immigration contributes I will literally tell to go look in African American text book and read about slavery and the hardships and what they had to do during the 1400s till 1950s where although they were slaves contributed heavily to their society via slavery.

Enough about the Africans on how they contributed to the Americas and lets emphasize the rich culture that is emplace by other cultures that indeed migrated to America. These immigrant brought along food, religion, customs, beliefs and hard work to the Americas. We call America a big culture melting pot because of all these immigrants that emplace all of the riches of their way of life to the mixture of what we call today the United States of America. Lets attack the key point on what some of these cultures brought along with then. Haitians that immigrated to the Americas brought in their strong belief of Christianity, their favorite side dish such as griot which consist of pork, plantains, and lettuce. The Italians brought in what we call today pizza ,and who don't love or enjoy eating pizza. The Chinese brought Chinese food and I love eating Chinese food. I gave you a couple nationalities that you see in America and what they have thrown in the melting pot. I only gave you a couple because there are way more other ways other ethnic groups contribute to America. The ethnic groups I explained in the previous sentences are also responsible for putting in their customs or their way of life in their home country into the America melting pot. For example Haitians customs on what to serve during ceremonial events such as weddings where



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