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Benjamin Martin

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1700's some females had participated. "Filled his place until she was severely wounded"( Boorstin & Kelley 97). Margaret Corbin was one of the females who had filled in her husband's spot when he was killed. Even though not many women had disguised themselves as their husband in the war they still had played a big role in the war, without them there may have not been any care takers for the soldiers who needed help, look after work and take care of the slaves back home."She ran the farm and business while her husband was away" (Boorstin & Kelley 97).

Benjamin Martin and his family had a close relationship with their salves and treated them like family."Slavery was a way to use man, women, and child power to raise crop for sale"(Boorstin & Kelley 273). Black slaves were told to work all day, they were told to plant and harvest crops. Not all slaves in the 1700 were field workers some were house workers."There were cruel masters who maimed or even killed their slaves, there were also kind and generous owners"(Boorstin & Kelly 273). Even though majority of the slaves were not treated as equally as others some owners treated there slaves with respect such as Benjamin and his family."White southerners who loved their slaves and who were loved by them in return. usually the wives of plantation owners took care of slaves who were sick, saw that they had the proper clothes and food, and attended their weddings, funerals and church services"(Boorstin & Kelley 274). The slaves were treated like family for the Martins. The slaves were invited to Benjamin's oldest son Gabriel's wedding where they danced and ate with the slaves. When the slaves were gone to their settlements during the war Benjamin's children had gone to visit there slave. In the movie The Patriot the slaves were treated with great respect but in the 1700's most slaves were treated horribly that they wanted to leave and join the British arm hoping for more freedom. "Sickness could be faked, when all else failed, some tried to run away"(Boorstin & Kelley 274). Many slaves had punishments for something that had been done wrong or was not asked by the owner. The movie shows a good example of a the owner that cared for their slaves but did not include any information about the cruelty that they had to face.

The Patriot shows some significant moments of the war and life in the 1700, but is shown to the audience in false way. Many things in the movie were over exaggerated and some were not shown. The American army was perused weak and hopeless in front of the British army while the Americans were smart enough to come up with their own ideas on how to take them down. Women were showed as a small impact on the war and how they're absence in the war did not make much of a difference. You later realize that without the help of women many more soldiers would have died,



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