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Martin Heidegger - Important Philosopher of 20th Century

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Essay Preview: Martin Heidegger - Important Philosopher of 20th Century

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Martin Heidegger is the important philosopher of 20th century because he developed existential phenomenology. He followed the Husserl's idea of return to the things to themselves, which called phenomenology. Martin Heidegger's first essential work of is being-historical thinking. He discussed two important issues in contemporary continental thought and theology. Heidegger thought that two historical beginnings in which theme of both beginnings are essential to understand the succession. He believed the main source is being itself.

The main idea is entanglement of God and being. He helps to comprehend of humanity, being, and God. Heidegger turned to poetry because he believed poetic thinking can cover unseen, and unspoken. He composed the Beitrage zur Philosophie-translated as Contributions to Philosophy after Being and Time. The Beitrage zur Philosophie is far from analytical display of philosophy and about poetry expression. The book has six sections and final section contrast to the metaphysical. Those six sections are: echo, playing-forth, leap, grounding, the ones to come, and the last God. Those six sections linked with theme of enowning, or appropriation of event. "The appropriation or enowning of being is event or its self revelation and self concealment." He determine that Being itself enowned and historical. Heidegger mentions about two historical beginnings: first one is Greek philosophy and second one is Nietzsche' visionary work. Two beginnings help to apprehend the development of six sections.

i-Echo- The echo is to dropping of being analytical and hard to observe because it happens as rejection. The human being attempts to manipulation to refusal.

ii- Playing forth is playing forth of the beginning so it brings the other beginnings. This is the key under the predominant or main key of first beginning. This step prepares to step of leap.

iii- The leap is change to other beginning from the first beginning. The goal is the other beginning, which ground of other beginning.

iv- Grounding is truth of being, which called Dasein. Heidegger did not mainly interest in human being.

v-The ones to come are in the grounding and ordained by the last God. Heidegger discusses about Holderlin as the ones to come in this section and he directs to the going under for anticipate of ones come by thinking of Nietzsche.

vi-The Last God is longest fore-runnership, and it needed. It is deepest beginning.

The main issue is the complexity of God and being according to Heidegger. This seen more in Beitrage and later he mention want to differentiate philosophy from thinking of being, theology. The key term is being and God is complimentary of Dasein because God and humans need being. Heidegger's Beitrage is influential and original work of philosophy with many complex and



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