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Beowulf Case

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Matt Corkill


Comp & Cirt

April 5, 2011


Beowulf is the story of a hero beyond heroes. Beowulf is set in a time of monsters and dragons. At where back magic and voodoo ruled, a tail of greed, envy, war, love, and smarts. In the story Beowulf violence exists, giving the story many similarities to reality. The evidence of war is throughout the story and war around the world.

Beowulf is riddled with violence throughout the book, in between fighting wars with the Persians and fighting monsters it seems to be on every page. Beowulf is a giant of a man with the heart of a God. He hears of a tail from across the sea of a monster that could eat people whole. He was determined to make a name for himself and slay this beast. So he and his men loaded up and head across the sea to King Hrothgars court. Night crept on and Grindle the monster soon showed. Beowulf knowing he couldn't fight him with weapons decided to take him on hand to hand. Eventually ripping Grindles arm clean out of the socket, killing the hideous beast.

This book shows a lot of similaritys to present day events around the world. Violence seems to surround us at times, for different reasons. Beowulf shows greed for gold and power. But in real life that cause a lot of trouble no matter where you are. For example in Africa the blood diamonds are no truth to this. The cause for greed and money in these diamonds can cause such an over whelming hurt to those who get caught up in it. Whole villages are taken and beat. The leaders fight for control over these lands to have possession of their wealth that lies within them. Beowulf shows that the dragon in the story that is hording all the gold when messed with is a scary thing all in its self. But for every beast it had a weak spot. Just like with the people in Africa, it can be stopped with the right influence from other nations to make it stop.

However the world continues to go along with the violence, though things are getting better in places but not all. Beowulf should be a lesson to us all, showing us not to fight with are hands but to think before we act and to use are brain power instead.



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