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Beowulf Case

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As I was reading Beowulf, I couldn't help but realize how God plays a big role in this book. It is filled with demons and monsters. When I came upon Grendel, I had envisioned a monstrous creature. Grendel terrorized Heorot for years. This particular creature was sent from Cain, a biblical character. He would kill many people each night. When I read this I wondered, why them? What did they do to deserve a demon being sent to their home? A demon, which thrived for killing innocent people who had families and homes, that was so powerful no one could stop it.

Then a man named Beowulf and his fellow Geats came a long way to offer their service to Hrothgar. It is astounding how the news of this demon had spread far and wide. Hrothgar accepted and was hopeful because he had known this man's father. He also had heard tales about Beowulf. His hopefulness foreshadowed that the Grendel would be defeated. Hrothgar invited them for a feast. In this same hall, they would encounter this beast. Beowulf boasted about fighting this creature unarmed. This made me think that Beowulf is too confident. He is too sure that he is going to overcome this creature. At this point in the novel, I was unsure about the outcome of the night. Later on at this feast, a man named Unferth tried to knock Beowulf off of his pedestal. He was envious of Beowulf. I think he completely humiliated himself. I was infuriated by this man. Yes, Beowulf was overly confident, but you shouldn't disrespect his past accomplishments. When Beowulf spoke back to this man, he put him in his place. Beowulf showed me that he wasn't going to let question what he has done.

Nighttime quickly came; the feast was over and Grendel, the taker of so many lives, forcefully pulled the doors off the hinges. He emerged into the mead hall where he quickly took another helpless life. Then he went over to the unarmed "sleeping" Beowulf. He was about to strike when Beowulf suddenly had a deathly grip on him. They wrestled and the beast's arm was ripped off. I was disappointed because I was expecting it to be more dramatic, more action. The way the author portrayed this ferocious beast made me excited for this fight. People would drink the night away and by dawn all that was left were their slain bodies. All their heroic speeches silenced by the animal. Yes, it was a mighty grip, but that was all. He even said that God gave him strength; that he wasn't able to hold on. Grendel was supposed to be deadly. He was defeated by an unarmed man with one grip. Then he retreated for his death to come later.

Although I was happy it was finally over. The trophy was captivating. Beowulf examined this trophy, an arm that no weapon could pierce the rough steel skin. Beowulf had truly proven himself by slaying this beast. Hrothgar presented Beowulf with lavishing gifts. He received weapons and horses. His fellow men also received gifts. I admired the gratitude the people



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