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Beowulf Dialogues

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Chanice Dunbar

English 4/block 3rd

September 30, 2010

Central Topic: How do our actions in the face of challenges and difficulties define us?

Setting: CSI Miami

Characters: Chanice, Hrothgar, Beowulf

Chanice: Have you ever felt like there was something you were afraid?

Beowulf: Actually there have been some things that I've been afraid of and there have been some challenges in my life.

Chanice: What were some of the challenges in your life Beowulf?

Beowulf: Well, I live all alone on the sea and that's always a challenge in my life, but one of my biggest challenges was when the King called me to come help fight some monster by the name of Grendel.

Chanice: Can you tell me, Why was this such a challenge for you?

Beowulf: You see Chanice I've never had to fight someone who was tremendously huge and a straight monster.

Chanice: I understand Beowulf.

Hrothgar: I've also had some hard challenges and difficulties in my life.

Chanice: What were some of your challenges and difficulties Hrothgar?

Hrothgar: One of my harder challenges was not being able to fight Grendel on my own. I felt like I let my men down especially because I'm the King of the Danish.

Chanice: Well guys I too have had some hard ships in my life. And there's been many challenges come my way. The hardest challenge in my life is going to school and not being able to do work like I really want to.

Beowulf: Why is that such a challenge Chanice?

Chanice: Beowulf, I believe that it's so much of a challenge for me because sometimes I don't understand the work that I'm assigned and I was afraid to ask questions which leaves me clueless.

Beowulf: After you saw that you were not understanding the work what did you do about it did you tell the teachers that you did understand, Chanice and that you would like a better understanding?

Chanice: No, Beowulf I didn't do anything at all about it and for that reason I got bad grades in those classes. But, I learned that doing what you have to do even though you might be afraid can be a challenge also. Also, school can be a big challenge for me because there are so many distractions and I can get distracted easily.

Hrothgar: Maybe you should ask questions Chanice.

Chanice: Your right Hrothgar I should ask questions then maybe my grades would be better and I would have a better understanding of what it is that I'm supposed to be doing when it's time to do work.

Hrothgar: Being the King can be very stressful because you have to be in charge of a lot. I use to could fight anything that came my way but, when Grendel came along I couldn't do it anymore. He's way too big and I've gotten old. So when you're supposed to be able to fight for your men and protect them and you can't do it that becomes a problem. That's why I called Beowulf because he's a young Geat and I believe that he could do it for me.

Chanice: Well, Hrothgar, What if Beowulf's afraid that he doesn't kill Grendel for you and your men?

Hrothgar: But, he will kill him because I have faith in him.

Beowulf: I'm very afraid to fight someone I've never seen in my life and I don't know what he's cable of doing. But, in a situation like this I'm courageous.

Chanice: Beowulf when you say that you're courageous, what do you mean?




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