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Bible Case

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exegesis- trying the text to read out to you its intent

Eisegesis- reading into the text the meaning you want it to have

Historie- that which can be validated, modern concept

Geshicte- significance of history

the earliest gospel written c.65 AD

period of enlightenment, trying to recapture height of human culture

protestant reformation- essence of the early faith

synoptic gospels- Matthew Mark Luke and John

in order to get as near as possible to the original text

original autograph- the first of a text, no original autograph for any book of the Bible

Krino- greek to judge, the way it was produced, how was it preserved, how was it transmitted

Torah- genesis through deuteronomy, made up of four primary sources;

J- Yahwist 950 BC

E- Elohist 850-750 BC

D- Deuteronomy unknown date

P- Priestly

Adonai- Jewish meaning my lord, so they do not say the sacred name

70 CE Rome destroyed the temple in jerusalem

6 and 7th Centuries CE Massoretes, this point jewish diaspora; took the entire Hebrew Bible put the vowels in the text (point the Text), Did not know how to say Yahweh, pronounced it as Jehovah, brought vowels of adonai and consonants

Redactor brought plagues together, no more than seven in any book, brought together to make 10

Tradition criticism- Gen 22 E 850-750; Abraham- 1750 BC sacrifice son; E writer put this in to discourage human sacrifice

Archetypal Criticism- idea of a people in movement confront a body of water, written in response to events

Narrative Criticism- ask what are the structures of the texts

Canonical Criticism- newer way to look at text

authorship is not the issue it is the message


Psalms of lament- never clarify what they are experiencing

christian thought creedal oriented, affected by Greek thought pattern very analytical

Hebrew concrete and practical

literary forms

prophets most of the writing happens after the prophets death

ancient patriotic poetry

patriarchal focus of biblical text

Ladder that stretches from heaven to earth Beth-El (God's house) prescientific way of deriving origins ideology

Miracle is a Greek idea, laws of nature but something happens that changes laws of nature is a miracle

Jewish everything is an expression of god, Mighty Acts, does not have to be "miracle" e.g. storm that comes at a convenient moment

Nature of cosmos in Hebrew conception, relation to chaos

try to understand biblical mindset, de-mythologize and re-mythologize to current mindset

Theophony- appearing manifestation of god

Pronouncement story where a setting is expressed and leads to pronouncement

Healing stories



Pericope- an independent unit of tradition

the righteous individual and nature

strophe- a verse of poetry, similar to paragraph in prose



Ras Shamrah

Monolatry- worship of one god while recognizing the existence of other gods

Suzerainty- a deed already done for a lesser party, deliverance from Egypt

Northern Kingdom of Israel fell to Assyrians Judah continued on then conquered by Babylon


none of the new testament was written as sacred scripture became so later by later christians

many jews left judah rather than live in own country under a foreign ruler

writing of septuagint was to make torah available to greek speaking jews

st jerome wrote the vulgate the latin translation

is 7:14


Babylonian exile important literary

collection of Torah

priests from exile brought back P and J creation stories

D material

621 Josiah king of the south the Deuternomic reformation

sends workmen into the temple at Jerusalem to repair

absolute worship of Yahweh no other gods

should be centered in Jerusalem

worship began to be tainted with Baalism moving towards Yah-Baal

take scroll of D into exile incorporated into JE

Priestly writers final ones to canonize torah

Book of Leviticus priestly writing

by end of exile torah completes

539 control of Babylon taken over by Persia

issues decree to return

Jewish Samaritan schism




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