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Recently, scientists have been working on experiments to use hydrogen gas as a source of fuel. This discovery may lead to inexpensive and practical means of utilizing sunlight to create purified burning hydrogen for powering cars or generating electricity. Scientists wanted to make an artificial process of photosynthesis. Hydrogen received from photosynthesis comes from splitting of water molecules. With their new setup after many experiments, they made a system of artificial photosynthesis. This system is long lasting and compatible with water. Also, it is able to be tuned to capture energy from light waves.

A scientific theme that is related to this article is science, technology, and society. Scientists are trying to make the production of burning hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas could contribute to our energy crisis and replace petroleum as a source of energy. Hydrogen gas is more clean and more eco to our environment. It will largely decrease the pollution caused by cars releasing waste gas.

Another theme this article relates to is science as a process. The scientists use their knowledge of science process to create experiments. They use the scientific method to create the system that works to get burning hydrogen process. The system works to mimic the process of photosynthesis which creates hydrogen from splitting water molecules. These science processes are step by step done by the basic outline of scientific method.

My opinion towards this article is that it is a great contribution to the community. As to creating hydrogen powered materials saving energy crisis and possibly global warming is a positive impact to the world. The system allows light harvesting molecules to be tuned and absorb energy from any wavelengths of light. This incredible discovery will contribute tremendously to our future energy shortage.



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