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Biology Case

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Essay Preview: Biology Case

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My experience in my Communication Skills Class has been very enlightening from the first day in the class I was very nervous being that it was my first time in over a decade have I ever step foot back in a class room. When I sat down looking around the class room it was kind of weird being in a computer room for English. but oh well. Then they told the class to move to a more suitable looking room with one round table and about seven chairs. In the class there was about ten students all females and one male, he should be the one nervous being the minority. After being in the class about an hour my nerves started to calm down. The fist day we had to write an essay about our President Barack Obama I thought we was just going to get our agenda explaining about the class work curriculum. I have been in the position of doing time and attendance for some time now here at Glen Meadows. Some time ago, my badge was not working. I have not punched in or out for some time, but never knew that it was a problem since I do time and attendance. I was never told that this could not be done. It was brought to my attention by Human Resources that I should still punch in and out. From this point on, I shall do this and when my badge doesn't work I will make my supervisor aware and do a blue slip.



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