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Biology Case

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In this week's learning team exercise we face the challenge of Biology

As a team we used many different ways to work our answers. We used equations to work a

Working together as a team has built us closer as a group; it has allowed us to understand what

strengths certain individuals have and weaknesses certain induviduals have. As a team we

Would review each other's work and work the problem as a team member to see if

We came up with the same answer. If not we would discuss the answer together and try to fix

The problem. This allowed us to become stronger and understand what we need to do to work

Together as team members. Doing that allowed the team to have a better understanding of the

Problem and how the problem is worked to come up with the correct answer. Not only working

As a Team allowed for great team building skills it has given us more tools to face real life

Situations. This week we as a team used the group activity biology, we felt as a team that it

Would be a good week assignment for are team. We used equations to discuss and find the

X value for the table for the worms and to find out how long they have been without any

Moisture. When using the equation to approximate the data we found that that high and low

Days 1 worm was too high and one worm was too low. This is also an approximate of data so

Not all data will be completely accurate. When working as a team we have found that a lot of

Good Information has come out of the team. We have discussed all key elements in this data

And Found are answers to be as accurate as possible when working together.



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