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Biometric Control Systems

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Netflix is a US-based public company, providing subscription-based internet streaming and video rental services in the regions of United States, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is considered to be the world's leading subscription service provider over the internet, with more than 23 million members subscribed to date, (Netflix).

Fraud Issues at Netflix

In order for customers to avail its services, Netflix requires them to provide some personal information including their name, credit card information, email and password etc. The major issue regarding fraud that may affect Netflix is on part of the employees of the company to steal the personal information provided by the customers for the purposes of subscription, like names, credit card information, emails and passwords, and use it to their personal benefits.

Netflix has been reported to be involved in such instances in the past whereby the employees have compromised consumer data. Such issues not only earn bad name for the company but also mar the trust that the consumers have put in into such companies operating over the internet. This consequently leads to the reluctance on part of customers to trust such service providers and they avoid providing personal information in the future. This may adversely affect the entire business of Netflix and other similar businesses as their entire business model revolves around the elements of subscription and information sharing, (Verry).

Biometric Internal Control System

Since the business of Netflix is of the sort where the consumer's personally identifiable information plays a vital role, the business needs to take measures to protect that information and make sure that it remains in safe hands. Such issues can not only be avoided but also be prevented from happening in future by employing control measures, one of which could be the biometric control system.

The biometric control systems are a form of security systems that use biological information about a person in order to identify that person; like the physical characteristics or behavioral traits such as hand geometry, facial characteristics, fingerprints, iris characteristics or voice characteristics, (Seenex).

The basic idea here is to keep the personal information of customers confidential and safe. Firstly, the business should authorize only trusted employees to be able to gain access to the personal information of customers. Secondly, in order for the company to ensure that no employee other than the authorized personnel accesses the data, biometric security measures must be installed whereby the systems automatically ask for verification of the person trying to access the information, and allow access only once authenticated that the person is among the personnel authorized by the company's management.




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