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Ccure Access Control System

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As we know, we will be moving forward in the near future with the two day training on the Ccure access control system. This training will be off site and will be focused on ensuring that employees with our company from around the United States are proficient at administrating Ccure 9000. There have been some concerns in regard to the project moving off track. I would like to discuss how we are going to prepare to combat that while implementing this project. We must make sure that we adhere to our budget, and make sure that we don't go over in any areas. We must also ensure that we maintain our timeline because if we go over on our timeline going over our budget will be inevitable. This will be out goal behind the scenes, while our overall goal will be to train all of our key employees on every aspect of Ccure 9000. This is so important because this will be the system that controls access to our buildings around the country. We would like to propose a plan to ensure that we meet our budgets, and keep all of the stakeholders informed along the way. We will be using different tools throughout this project to ensure that we meet this goal.

First and foremost, we would like to develop a system that can keep all of our stakeholders in the loop on what is going on with the project throughout each step. As we all know it is important for a project to stay on time, and on budget. One way we will be working to ensure that this goal is met is by reporting key steps in our project to the stakeholders that will be involved in this training program. One way we can keep everyone informed is by developing a reporting system. When developing a reporting system we must make sure that we distinguish the difference between an update and a report. Updates will be given at different points of the project, and will include everyone that needs to know what is going on. For example, we will be giving updates on issues like milestones being met, and stages of the job being completed. These updates will be given to the people that they pertain to. A report will be given when there is something unexpected or unplanned. We have decided that it is only necessary to involve upper management and the stakeholders when something unplanned comes up that needs to be dealt with. These reports will include the problem and the best fitting solution that we have come up with.

While reporting to the stakeholders is a good idea in regard to keeping the project on track, it is equally important to keep all of the team members updates accordingly. Our plan is to develop a form that we can use to evaluate the progress, and performance throughout each phase of this project. We will periodically evaluate team member's performance based on this form. This form will include project objects and the goal for the project and team members. This is an important portion because we need to be able to track who is doing what, and how good of a job they are doing. This is another



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