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Black Boy by Richard Wright

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BLACK BOY by RICHARD WRIGHT tells the story of a young boy of six growing up in south american country in the early twenties century. it is a story of prejudice and tells the story of childhood and adolesence and a harrowing account of the hardship faced by most african americans in adivided society and the likes.

the story is been told through a first person narrator of ''i''. dipicting the crazy society of apathied system. having lose his father at a young age, he grew to know the kind of world he lives in. a world of fear, war and hatred for the white, understanding why things seems to happen the way they do, and why each word he learns seems to give so much meaning.

Growing up with just his mother and younger brother, life seems to tell different meaning to him, why people choose to taken a drastic step to life and him wanting to know why.

Having grown up taller and older, he associated with older boys and the touch of fraternity was his feeling towards the white. he talks about extension, developmentsacrificial boasting of supreme racial assertion and implied pride of personal and racial worth.

in black boy it discribe how the white takes the black to germmay and train them as soldier when they comes back the white get scared of them and tries to kill them.which brings about ''rejection of naive rebellion'' and when they catch their victim it becomes '' appreciation of the thoroughness of white militancy.



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