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Frank Lloyld Wright

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Essay Preview: Frank Lloyld Wright

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The object that I choose to demonstrate my understanding and use of the three-part critical approach was the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. The home is composed of mostly break and partial wood. It was built in 1889; in Oak Park, IL and is 122 years old. The home was built by Frank Lloyd Wright using a new American architecture called the Prairie style designed to blend houses into the flat, prairie landscape. This style is characterized by horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with wide overhanging lower edges.

In addition, the style characterized windows in groups in horizontal bands, integration with the landscape, solid construction, craftsmanship and skill in the use of ornament. Others features that the prairie styles include are inconspicuous entrances, clerestory windows, variety of shapes: square, rectangular, L-, T-, or Y-shaped, and one or two stories with single-story wings or porches.

There are characteristics of the Prairie style seen in the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studios such as how the windows are grouped on the west face of the home. Also, the way one of the north frontal entrances is projected near the pillars of stork greet clients that makes it looks hard to notice until you get up close to it and how the main entrance is on the south side instead of in the front. You can also see prairie style influence in two of the flat roofs on the west and east side of the home. These two roofs tops are polygonal structures with lower hanging edges.

The west frontal face of the home is triangular shaped with grouped rectangular windows and a concave arch window above them. Facing the frontal face is a wide open large flat land and space emphasizing its connection with nature. There is also a walk way on



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