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Black Lives Matter Movement

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Essay Preview: Black Lives Matter Movement

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Black Lives Matter

Violence should never be the first option, but people have different opinions on that.

The use of violence can be contributed to many things like self defense or in this case on a disagreement. Many people state that the black lives matter movement brings more violence to the streets than there already is.

My opinion on this matter is that people are speaking their mind and talking about their unfairly mistreatment on the african american community across the United States. So they had united to try and make things right for themselves and for others in the future.

The main reason that the black lives matter movement had begun is because it is trying to give African Americans a voice on which they want to be heard and want people to understand that they want to be treated as people and not just seen by the colors of their skin. No one wants to be treated like they are animals.

The pain that is being caused to many families of the African American race around the country is terrible. It is sad when an innocent family gets heartbroken or torn apart on someone else's behalf.

On main point about that is when the the black lives matter movement had started talking about Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed By George Zimmerman and the black community was very upset because he wasn't held accountable for the crime he committed.

That had started a flare in Africans Americans as they had began protesting like they once did in the past but then chaos broke out, but many people think that the movement had made many people go insane and do many illegal things. I disagree because if speaking your mind and believing in something you think is right, then I think you should fight for it. People are just trying to take out racism wherever it is and make sure people can all get the respect that they deserve.

On the other hand police brutality is what keeps the movement alive. As some people say that the black lives matter is threatening the lives of cops but they are the ones hurting African Americans all over the world for just simply getting out of the car, putting their hands in the air or moving while pulled over. There is no question that there is a corrupt police system in the united states, everybody knows that, but that doesn't mean just because you have a badge you can go waving it around and shooting someone because you say you had a gut instinct that they were going to harm you or pull out a weapon. The black lives matter movement is trying to bring in attention all around the world and they want others to know how they are not being treated fairly and are being punished by the color of their skin. The black lives matter movement follows thirteen principles and the key ones are Diversity, Globalism,Collective Value and Restorative



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