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Blindfold Case

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he title of this book is called Blindfold and it is called that because at the end of the story before this girl is going to be killed the other girl blindfolds her. The author is Diane Hoh and there isn't really any fact at all in this book about the author. The setting takes place in a small community, everybody knows everybody in this town. I think the theme of this book is to never trust anyone even if you think that they are your really good friends. The protagonist in this story is Maggie Keehe. The antagonist is lane the girl who is going on a killing spree and her next victim was Maggie. The character I most like is Maggie for one she is the main character. I didn't really dislike any of the characters in this book. And no I really don't agree with what some of the choices the characters make. For one Lane is killing a lot of people because she don't like them. I would have not killed anyone in the first place.

The plot and summary of this story is Maggie lives in Felicity Ohio. They tell about the old courthouse and how the whole town is trying to work together to fix up the old courthouse. The courthouse had been in that town for many generations. To make a long story short there is a girl in town and she killed another girl with an iron. The police came after the boyfriend & arrested him. He had to be in jail for at least four years. The police didn't take the case any further. The guy that was arrested and convicted supposedly tried to escape from his cell. His name was Dante Guandino. He never really tried to escape from his cell because later on in the book the kids are going over the courthouse and stubble over his body (it was decomposed) before any of this some one had tried to kill Maggie because she was at a cook out, and someone tried to blow up the building she as working in. She was hurt with minor injuries. Then the accident in the urbanely where some one was pushing her ladder back and fourth and trying to hit her hand, then she falls through the floor on the cellar and discovers the decomposed body of Dante Guandino. Later on while in the new courthouse Lane attacks Maggie, and she blindfolds her and is going to try to push her off the unfinished window. Maggie fights back and the Lane gets pushed out the window and falls all the way down. Lane was also going to kill Maggie with a hammer. Her friends came just in time. They took her home and the police came for the questioning. I would recommend this book because it was a pretty good. If someone were looking for something exciting, something always happening it would be this book.



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