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Brand Management of Disney Land

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Essay Preview: Brand Management of Disney Land

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1. Introduction

The purpose of this study is to develop a new brand of Walt Disney Company. Spa market has experienced steady growth in recent years as far as “mature market” are concerned. Meanwhile, in this report, we mainly focus on creating new spa brand and its marketing strategies. Spa market has a big potential but there is still room for improvement and available gap, since increasing of health-consciousness and wellness of people. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to enter spa market.

1.1 Importance of New Brand Development for Walt Disney Company

New brand development is one of key components of branding strategy. Most of companies in United States began to offer new brand or products which is utilizing the company’s assets, and introduces a new product under well-known brand name(Meyvis, T., Goldsmith, K., and Dhar, R. , 2012), such as company outstanding background and history, and the well experience of its loyal buyers.

According to (Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., 2012)(P.286), It not only provides new channels for brand-growth, for example: positive feedback to parent company, but also creates opportunity to evaluate and redefine the nature and direction of company’s business.

Disney attempts to enter a new market to meet the customer demand. For example: Spa goers who start to take care about their skins and bodies. Company should seek for new profitable opportunities. The brand extension is able to bring valuable advantages to the company. However, the challenges also exist in new brand development with a high risk of failures. Therefore, conducting a successful plan is very essential. It can effectively and efficiently enter to new market.

1.2 Aim and Objectives of Report

The aim of this report is to propose Walt Disney Company to create a new brand called “Spaneyland”, and we have conducted market research and strategies to test brand concept of new brand with potential consumers. How Disney promotes the new brand by their valuable assets and builds brand equity successfully in the spa market.

Moreover, the objective of this report is to describe the brand development decisions of the Walt Disney by using various academic theories. For example: using Keller’s Brand Equity Pyramid, etc. Also, evaluate the role of marketing mix in brand developments decisions.

1.3 The Scope of the Study

This study will include the following parts: Section 2 describes the objectives of the new brand and development of brand name, logo, and main characteristics and features of the brand. Section 3identifies the potential target market of new brand, and its positioning. Section 4 shows how to build brand equality of new brand. At the last section, it will discuss timescales of launching Spa Disney via eight processes in new brand development and brand life-cycle strategies.

2. Market Analysis

2.1 Overview of Spa Market

According the International Spa Association (ISPA), released the annual financial research of spa industry, it reported the revenue of spa industry continues to grow over $15 billion mark in 2014, there is a 5.3 % increase, compared with 2013. Also, it was driven by an increasing number of spa visits from 164 million in 2013 to 176 million in 2014.

The figure 1 presents total revenue in 2013 and 2014, how many spa visits and spa locations in United States, etc.

Figure 1: ISPA U.S Spa Industry Study in 2015

In general, the market size of spa industry has strong performance in revenue and the number of spa visits. At the moment, customers in spa market are becoming more wellness and health-conscious.

3. The Description of Disney Spa

The Walt Disney has different brands, such as Disneyland and Resort, Disney studio, Disney Channel, etc. Spa service is part of the element in Disneyland resort. It offers normal treatment for customers who are staying at resort. Also, not every Disney Resort has spa service available. For example: Mandra Spa in Walt Disney World Dolphon Hotel which is not owned by Disney and Aulani Resort and Spa in Ko Olina.

These spas have different names and provide the treatment service which is not unified. That will make customers confused with the brand, and it is not easy to capture the mind of customers. Therefore, Disney should have a unified standard and service for spa market which is out of the Disney Hotel and Resort.

3.1 Product and Service Description of Spa Disney

Our Disney Spa will be a classical architecture with elegant designs located in Disneyland, which is a suitable place for customers to relax during their Disney trip. The three-storey building has one floor of offices and two floors of spa areas with outside Fairy Secret Garden on ground floor for spa visits. Disney Spa is not a private area. It opens for all customers who are Disney customers or local residents. People can get into Disney Spa by reservation or by walk -in directly as well.

We have 18 Spa treatment rooms, and it includes 4 deluxe treatment rooms. Each room establishes two soft massage beds. And each room would offer separate showers, steam room as well as a Jacuzzi. The customers do not need to queue up for a shower.

Furthermore, we utilize the state of the art multifunctional spa facilities. For instance, Mabel Plus, Hydroco by experienced Spa massages Therapist, and combined with the unique aromatherapy oils to give the dual benefit of relaxation and strengthen guests’ immune system.

3.2 Decor

Treatment Room

Disney Spa styles will be a classical, with wooden, brown shingled, and warm orange being theme color. The rooms have double Jacuzzi, customers can enjoy soothing hot water under mountains of bubbles with two complimentary champagnes and some chocolates and fruits. A fireplace will set in room; it lends coziness and cheer to a treatment room. There will be a Fairy Secret Garden outside the room as well, that can enhance the feeling of nature’s beauty to customers.

(Floor Plan Layout)

Fairy Secret Garden

Fairy Secret Garden is a private and serene



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