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Brave New World

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Why not reside in a world without emotions, problems, questions, and where everyone is content with their position in life? Aldous Huxley's ideal society in Brave New World, exemplifies this society, which lacks depth of feeling, ferment of ideas, and no intellectual creativity; this is the consequence of living in an unquestionable utopia. Throughout time the suppression of ideas and minds has been revealed in numerous societies and portrays the impacts of society on peoples behavior and individuality.

Literature has always been able to capture the pessimistic views of society and this is the exact technique that Huxley uses to portray a totalitarian society. This society also possesses the example of a benevolent dictatorship, which is static and portrayed to be quite efficient in its totalitarian world state. The utopians are never educated to accolade thinking for themselves. In the goals of happiness and stability, both social and personal, are not just prized but also effectively equated.

"Community, Identity, Stability. (Huxley 1)," according to this society it corroborates the theory that society impacts ones identity. A person's identity is lost when being influenced by the burdens and restrictions in their society. Although it may be argued that a person's society is their identity since the society may have conditioned them to behave or conduct themselves in a certain fashion. The hatchery and conditioning center in the work represents how this society works to try and preserve its identity by making people believe that they are truly happy and by

doing so they are able to control the way they think. "There's no such thing as a divided allegiance; you're so conditioned that you can't help doing what you ought to do." (Huxley 123) This type of government affects the terms of a society; a caste system is used to differentiate between the intellectually superior followed by the mediocre workers. A fervent sense of "happiness" is shown due to this controlled environment.



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