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Bshs 351 - online Therapy

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Online Therapy

Luis Avina Jr.

BSHS 351

August 3, 2011

Jim Damian

Online Therapy

Online therapy is communicating with a trained professional such as a counselor or therapist by e-mail or chat through a computer. The client and therapist speak to each other through the computer and if a webcam is available visual contact is accessible. Online therapy is also known as e-therapy or e-counseling. It is a new method used in mental health that allows a therapist or counselor to provide psychological advice and support over the Internet. Counselors who support online therapist agree that the Internet offers different modern ways to deliver therapeutic services. However, some professionals emphasize the importance to inform clients that online therapy will never replace traditional therapy. Online therapy can offer guidance and advice to clients experiencing problems in relationships, work, or personal issues but cannot diagnose or treat mental illness online. The use of E-therapy has limitations. Nevertheless, it is rapidly becoming an essential resource for mental health professionals by providing a different way of giving services to clients. lists the most popular e-therapy sites in the Internet. Three of these sites are,, and

Online counseling or e-therapy is a new approach to visit a therapist. permits clients to choose from a large group of expert licensed clinicians

from numerous locations all over the United States. This site makes it readily available for clients to have access to counselors at any time of day or night for therapeutic sessions. The three methods of services offered are private online chat, phone counseling, and e-mail sessions. In addition, claims that their selection of professional staff and requirements allows them to recruit a more impressive range of therapist than any hospital or clinic can gather under one roof. According to their webpage their therapist must pass a demanding screening process, must be board certified, and have at least 10 years of experience. The website provides a free and secured e-mail. However, the service is not free - the cost can range from $40 for one e-mail session to $900 for 10 one-hour chats or phone sessions. claims that e-therapy is the new wave in the Internet. On this site, a person can reach assistance faster than traditional therapy. Also, clients are able to utilize tools that are more user-friendly. However, the question remains: Does this type of therapy work for all clients? To help clients understand what e-therapy offers and aid them in choosing to use this type of service for their therapy needs, has provided an internal link. This internal link connects them to an evaluation and assessment process named e-therapy essentials; a free self-help information center where clients can explore their own thoughts and research techniques through a library provided by the website to help them understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For individuals who need conversation at a particular time, the website offers e-therapy sessions called "Now" sessions. A private e-mail account is opened and an exchange of information takes place. One of the psychologists who facilitate these e-therapy sessions is Richard Sansbury, who has 30 years of experience. packages and fees are as follows: three packages of $60, $180, and $240 that are based on the time it takes a therapist to read and reply to a client; the basic rate is $1 per minute. claims that online therapy is a new method of helping people's needs and that technology is opening many doors to reach clients faster and easier. However, the experience is different than face-to-face therapy, and the practice may



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