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Buddy's Snack Company Swot Analysis

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Essay Preview: Buddy's Snack Company Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis


*The company has a lot of experience as it was started in

1951, so more than 50 years since it had been operational.

*Three generations had been in this family business i.e.

Buddy, Buddy Jr. and Mark who had completed his MBA in marketing. They were certainly aware of the pros and cons of their business by now.

*Lynda Lewis a very laborious employee of the company.

Gets herself fully involved in the work. Doesn't hesitate in

seeking advice. She is always cheerful and focuses on giving

more than 100% output.

*Micheal Benjamin is satisfied with the company he is working


*Kyle Sherbo had shown tremendous performance in the last

three years by being among the top salespersons in the

company. He had a good rapport with Buddy Jr. and was

helpful to Mark when he joined the business. Kyle possessed

the quality of being promoted as sales manager.


*The company is not able to maintain or grow its market

share. The employees show resistance for attending the

coaching sessions.

*Lynda Lewis though a good performer but failed to perform

due to slowdown in the market, finds it cumbersome to

attend the coaching sessions on weekends because of her

other obligations.

*Micheal Benjamin a lethargic worker of the company so

certainly feels more of a burden to attend the coaching

sessions as a result most likely would hinder his output. He

feels his hard work is not appraised. He is required to sell

twice to what he did so it's all messed up.

*Kyle Sherbo felt the pinch of not being promoted, so as a

result showed a fall in his output. He lost faith in the

company's working.




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