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Swot Analysis - Financial Statements Declared by Ford Company

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis - Financial Statements Declared by Ford Company

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Darren Clarke Mike Hong

 Similarity

1. Disciplined - Never Give up

2. Charity

3. Will to Win

4. Humble

5. Warrior Image

6. Humor

7. Integrity

8. Natural Ability

1. Disciplined

2. Charity

3. Will to Win

4. Natural Ability

Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke, a 42 year old long-time professional golfer who had never won a major, raised his hands in Victory. The entire golf world gave him a standing O. Not because he was an underdog. They stood in acknowledgement of Clarke's refusal to give up, on a long, winding and bumpy road through life and career.

The Natural Ability can manage the shot at the cold, rainy, windy weather made it all the more fitting environment for Clarke's big moment and becoming 3rd Northern Ireland world major championship within a year time period.

There's something about never giving up, and an attitude of gratitude which he signed autograph to lined up gallery before tee shot on final day of the open. I never saw any other pros doing that kind of Humble and Honorable in PGA games.

Darren has won many fans with his passionate play and dedicated approach to the game.

Darren also won two WGC events and I personally involved as volunteer at World golf Championship events in 2000 at La Costa Resort GC, most notably he squared off with, and defeated Tiger Woods with humor and warrior image and Tiger lost both game skill and metal game. These victories came when Clarke enjoyed his most prominent spell as a golfer.

In the Ryder Cup match, his record is 20 matches 10-7-3 (11.5pts), 58% Point Percentage which is good record comparing other major game winners.

A dedicated worker for charity, he set up his own Darren Clarke Foundation, which not only helps further the development of junior golf in Ireland, but also now raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness - death of wife

Heather, who finally lost her brave battle against cancer in August 2006.

Trion:Z has developed a unique pink bracelet in support of breast cancer research. The company has set a portion of the proceeds from every sale to be donated to charity The Darren Clarke Foundation in memory of Heather.

The most similarity Darren and I is that we both disciplined as Achiever, Natural Ability fit to windy



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