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Bureaucratic Reform

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Bureaucratic Reform

"Red tape", a term associated with government. Many spout off about the red tape of Washington; they waste our money, our time and never accomplish anything until it is too late. This term is referenced as a perplexing and tangled way of slowing down progress. In other words, "Red tape" is just another way for the bureaucrats to drag their feet. In realty however, there is a process that the Federal bureaucracy must go through in order to accomplish most its objectives.

Congress takes a lot of blame for "Red tape" hold ups. They have their share of stumbling blocks, but as the video states, blame is cast upon the customer service levels of government facilities, which essentially have nothing to do with Washington, except to follow the rules in a government office, such as DMV and Medicaid. How these offices are operated is a direct reflection of their administrative operation.

The federal bureaucracy has benefits that are beneficial. They implement new policies, procedures and laws for society. They report directly to the president and his select group, which makes regulations for the federal and state programs, must follow. They create a pattern of stability, direction and guards against drastic emergencies.

We see drawbacks in any field, the decision making process can sometimes be slowed down or even pushed aside, when specific issue present themselves. Sometimes a subject is determined as a non-emergency and can wait, other times it is perhaps something that is menial and bears no importance, so it thrown on the permanent back burner. We do however have numerous government programs that no matter what you do, seem to take too much time to accomplish, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and veterans affairs, etc. I think many of the issues associated with these delays have to do with the intended recipient being unprepared with the appropriate paper work.



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