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Burt Medsurg Company - Employment Law

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Essay Preview: Burt Medsurg Company - Employment Law

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Final Project

Christopher Burt

Indiana Wesleyan University

Intercultural and Global Issues

ADM549 WS6 A6

Peter Berkeley

JULY 1, 2013

Final Project

Executive Summary

Burt MedSurg Company is a surgical and hospital equipment company that intends to market medical devices related to the hospital industry in the Middle East, Dubai (UAE). Based on its research the company projects $18 million in sales by Fall of 2015. The company expects to have $60 million in revenue by 2018.

The expansion market has been clearly identified and is subject to high growth potential. A company-based expansion exploration team participated in the current design of the market and what products to initially launch. Our expansion effort addresses the need for having a supplier of surgical and medical equipment in the country and the region. A creative marketing campaign has been designed to answer the needs of the clientele.

The company intends to enter into marketing agreements with local independent merchants/retailers who will answer to company VP of sales. The company will mature by year four and profitable by year five. This can only be possible if the expansion efforts are totally supported by the parent company as well as it's host country.

Burt MedSurg Company is a surgical and hospital equipment company based out of Louisville, KY. The company currently employs over 200 employees locally and throughout the United States. The company's primary focus is to its commercial base of clients (i.e. Hospitals, Free-standing Surgical Centers and Clinics). The company's parent company-Bevco Inc. founded in 1974 is the largest independent DME distributor in the Southeast. Burt MedSurg Company has over 25 years of experience in delivering surgical and hospital equipment to it's client-base and is looking to expand globally.

Our desire to go global is two-fold ... 1) To introduce our innovative line of products to the demands of the global medical community and 2) Establish a manufacturing facility in a country that is eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient to operate. Populations of developing countries are growing much more rapidly than the developed world in the West and Japan. In the Middle East, one in four people are between 15 and 24 years of age. The same dynamic is occurring in every developing country, with the possible exception of China, due to the one child policy. These numbers demonstrate a need for products like ours. We mustn't the aging population who often require the services of the health care community. There are many more reasons why the Burt MedSurg Company could explore globalization and manufacturing as strategy to grow in the future but as it stands for right now these are the reasons.

The country to initially launch our global expansion will be based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. We chose this country for various reasons but mainly for it's economic growth and location.

The political environment is such that Dubai is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, and is tolerant of other cultures and their beliefs. From an economic perspective Dubai has gone through a global financial crisis, despite this however tourism, trade and the retail sector have remained steady in growth. According to Tarbuck and Lester, Dubai's economic and cultural growth is underpinned by a legal and regulatory framework, which has developed sufficiently to encourage significant local and international enterprise in Dubai and is continuing to develop (2009). This is something that the Burt MedSurg Company wants to take full advantage of.

The technological environment of Dubai is cutting edge with it's most recent adoption of technology that will enable a company to monitor in real-time the desktops and applications usage activities, tighten security, boost employee productivity and collaboration, speed up decision making and enhance the quality of its services. This technology could help our company better manage our resources, productivity, security and IT budget.

The company's international code of conduct will be comprised of the following...

* Respect- with regards to the customs, traditions and culture of the people of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general.

* Adherence- to all laws of the country

* Stewardship- of the environment by operating eco-friendly plants and offices.

* Understanding and respect- for the religious activities and practices of the country.

* Fair trade- conduct business in such a way that all can benefit, fairly and equally.

The Burt MedSurg Company reasons to go International are varied...namely 1) Increase Market Presence, 2) Increase Sales and 3) Long-term security. These reasons are critical to the advancement of the company's short and long-term objectives. While there are many more reasons that we could expand upon, the company's parent company- Bevco feels that these reasons are the most paramount to company's global success.

Expansion is the only way companies like Burt MedSurg can breakout of its domestic domicile and increase its market presence. One way it achieves this is through strategic exporting of products that would be of value or use to the consumer from a mass appeal approach. Our initial market expansion-Dubai offers our company a number of factors that will give us the strength to have a visible presence in the market. Dubai is regarded by the global community as the hub or nucleus of business of not only its sister's states (UAE) but also the region as well. According to there are no tax on either personal income or capital gains and English is widely spoken in business circles in the country (2013). Dubai being a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council has routes to other states in the UAE as well as other countries. This is important to our



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