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Employment Law

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If I were a church employer that need to have the building engineer to be the same religion, my reasons would be that of which I feel would best benefit the church and the relationship between the engineer and the members. My first reason would be that to avoid any conflict with the church board members and attending members, it would benefit all if the engineer was the same religion so that his or her work is appreciated and not scrutinized. Religion is a very group oriented thing in which if anyone or anything is not from that religion, can receive negative reactions. A church member must feel connected with the church they go to and how it looks and feels is what gives that first impression to them. If a church Christian church was built by a Jewish person, without a doubt, there would be negative reactions from numerous people. This is a hypocritical thing that religion brings out in people and I say this because churches are all about come as you are and how their religion loves everyone, but when confronted with a situation that takes them out of their comfort zone, they do not follow that mindset very well.

Secondly, I would require that the engineer be of the same religion to avoid any conflicts on the designing of the church due to religious differences. It would be very important that the design be implemented without outside influences in order to have it built in a timely manner and on schedule. This sort of conflict would cause animosity amongst the church board members and the engineer would have to be replaced, delaying the timeline.

Lastly, other employees of the church could create a somewhat hostile work environment by saying negative comments or criticism of the engineer, making them feel unappreciated and discriminated against. Not to mention those who would challenge the engineers religious beliefs thus causing a tense conflict between them.

Having someone be of the same religion when it comes to being involved with the creation of a church or working in the church helps keep those who live by their religion to not stray because of petty differences of religion.



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