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Employment Law

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Running Head: Ergonomic Injury Page 2


The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health is a provide sector that is

approved by the state. All employees must come under the OSHA jurisdiction with the exception

of miners, transportation workers, and those that are self-employed. The requirements with the

regulations of the heath and safety standards contain in the OSHA , employers are subjected to a

general duty to provide a safe workplace from any serious hazards (

Running Head: Ergonomic Injury Page 3

Ergonomic Injury

Ergonomic injury can be described as injuries that are caused by the presence of ergonomic

risk factors. Those injuries are forceful strain, contact pressure, exposure to heat and/or cold or

exposure to vibration. These injuries over times can or will lead to pain, injury, or disability. A

single event may place stress on the body tissues but time and the proper health care, the tissues

are able to heal. With repeated exposure, it causes an interference with the body's healing.

Ergonomic injuries affect the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and spinal

discs. They can be directly or indirectly related to job duties or the work environment


Signs and symptoms of an ergonomic injury are:

* Tingling or numbness.

* Pains in fingers, wrist, or other parts of the body. Dull aching pain.

* Swelling, inflammation, or joint stiffness

* Loss of muscle function

* Tightness, cramps, or discomfort

* Clumsiness

* Range of motion loss

* Discomfort when making certain movements

* Discomfort and pain in neck, leg, shoulders. (

Back injury is one of the most ergonomic



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