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How the Unilever People Place and Performance Hr Vision Works

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Essay Preview: How the Unilever People Place and Performance Hr Vision Works

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Mariam Alaa Kaoud

Talent management

Final Assignment

Task 1. Carry out research and try and unveil how the

Unilever People Place and Performance HR vision works. If

you are unable to find it online, then put yourself in the

position of a newly recruited Talent Manager in the HR

department and design the strategy that will help you cover

the three challenges.

  • People: first the organization creates a clear and real vision, then the organization should conduct thorough interviews to make sure that the candidate is the right fit for the position, organizational culture and that they are the best candidate with the skills and talents required to fill the gap needed to maintain their 80-billion-dollar yearly profit, even after the person is hired the organization continuously analyzes and rates the performance of the workforce carefully leaving no details out about the person's skills and benefit to the organization. What makes Unilever successful is that they're always working to improve their workforce and their efficiency.
  • Place: because Unilever seeks a high-quality workforce, they understand the importance of providing a good work environment to keep current employees satisfied and productive as well as build a positive employee brand for potential skilled employees. [1]To ensure this message comes through I would provide a positive working space for employees, offices that enable them to be productive, a culture that encourages creativity and employee agreement, a non-sexually discriminatory culture where men and women have equal right and opportunities as well as equal pay, providing proper training for all employees to give them the tool they need to excel, a hierarchy where those at the top-level work towards the same goal as those at the bottom and everyone has fair rights, employees must also be provided with certain benefits such as days off or compensation for extra hours and other fundamental labor rights. Because Unilever is a large international and diverse organization they must be very cautious that all their branches in more that 190 countries are that the expected level in terms of employee-rights with regards to differences in cultures, government surveillance over labor rights and many other differences that come with such a geographically diverse business.[2]¬†Unilever have built a culture that judges solely on the skills and what the employee can offer and prosper in with no discrimination against age, sex, race, disabilities or sexual orientation.
  • Performance: Unilever regularly analyzes if their performance is efficient enough to sustain the organization is doing good enough to be able to maintain and raise its 80-billion-dollar yearly revenue for the future, they think in terms of at least three years in the future. To ensure that they have enough information they need to conduct research into all aspects of performance, whether employees, revenue, sales, market share, consumer loyalty and other information to have a clear broad view.

Task 2.

Part 1. Why is it important for senior management, including HR management, to focus on mid and long-term market forecasts and human resource needs?

  • Market forecast allows you to be up-to-date on all future projections in the market which will help organization be one step ahead by taking the trends, numbers, and characteristics anticipated in the future market and analyzing this information to make a pre-emptive strike or simply just be aware on activities in the market; by analyzing and understanding human resources needs you will get to be able to fill in the gap in the needs to keep your employees happy and satisfied, by conducting research on human resources managers can also find the gaps in the positions and skills to start recruiting. While market forecast allows managers to take control of their external environment, analyzing human resources will give them knowledge and enable them to make the best decisions for their internal environment.

Part 2. What crucial information would you include in the analysis of your human capital to cover foreseeable gaps?


  • Employee satisfaction with work environment
  • Employee satisfaction with organization as a whole
  • Employee satisfaction with other employees
  • What employees prefer in the framework of the job
  • What motivates the employees most (financial or non-financial incentives)
  • How loyal are employees
  • What scenarios they excel in and where they fall short
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the general workforce[3]

Part 3. What procedure would you do to identify the existing talent in your company and what tools would you use to recruit new talent? (to correctly answer this question please see the

point below.)

To identify existing talent in the organization I would categorize employees into the top talent category by finding employees with the following:

  • Hard worker
  • Good in teams
  • Understand and works by the customer central approach
  • Efficient decision-making skills
  • High work ethics
  • Confident
  • Has required skills and excels at tasks
  • Not afraid to take educated risks and be creative
  • Allied with the organization's vision
  • Good cultural fit with the organizations beliefs
  • Potential to be a successful entrepreneur

And to make sure I'm recruiting grade A talent I would also look for these characteristics in candidates during thorough interviews to examine their personalities and analyze the potential match between them and the organization, after the recruitment decision is made I would provide them with efficient and effective training to give them knowledge and experience in the organization as a head-start and an opportunity for them to excel.[4]



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