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Bush Backs States

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My topic is "Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places."

"same-sex marriage" means marriage between people of the same sex. Since 2004 some States of the USA issued marriage licenses to same-sex couple, such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont. However, in some States like California, people voted against the measure in 2008. So "same-sex marriages" are illegal in California. There are also a lot of various laws depending on the region, like education, traffic, and drugs, in the USA. It is right to make laws flexible so that people are able to maintain an equal society.

. George W. Bush said, in "Bush Backs States' Rights on Marijuana, "I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose." Different nations need divergent laws which summarize local moral, culture and nature. Cattle are totems of Indian religions, but the main source of meal in USA. It is rational for Indians to legislate to protect their culture. Asian carps have been the worst invasive species in Great Lakes, which are recognized as a pest that needs to be exterminated. When it comes to the situation in the Asian carps' original zone, they are the most important economic fish species and are under the protection of local laws. We need to respect the diversification of law, as well as culture or nature.

Laws should be modified over time. With the development of technology and science, people's lives have changed. If we maintain the law for several generations, it will begin to effect society negatively. In 17th century, people used horses and wagons as traffic tools which were fast and convenient, also the symbol of civilization. But now vehicles have replaced of family animals which used to be utilized in traffic and producing broadly. It is dangerous for a horse, even if it is tamed and friendly, to appear on a busy road. It would be a tragedy both for the people and the horse, if the horse gets frightened. The old laws absolutely cannot suit the current situation of the era of vehicles. The restriction of using horses should be studied and legislated. Modifications to the laws are inevitable and urgent.

Current laws are not perfect and needed to mend. As we all know, everyone, including legislators and judges have their limitations of capability. An amount of details may be out of consideration. Many countries have mended their aero safety laws to clarify the prohibition of using cell phones on board. The disturbance of cell phones, such a small and popular kit, which was largely used before some accidents happened. Step by Step, the ladder is up. The same situation happens to the laws and legislation.

I asserted that rigid or fixed is bad for everything as well as laws. We have a various and vivid world. So we need flexible laws.



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