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Business Case Study

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My time spent observing human behavior at Union Square was interesting and proved very insightful. I went to Union Square on a Wednesday afternoon between 3pm - 4pm. Union Square, as is well known, was at this time of day very loud, hectic and chaotic. The plaza is filled with people of different backgrounds, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, age and ethnicity.

In my hour of observation at Union Square people were coming and going. The weather was warm and this provided an incentive for individuals to go out and socialize. Union Square is one of those hotspots where people of different walks of life chose to meet-up, socialize, work, meditate, or enjoy themselves. I observed countless amounts of people. In the following paragraphs' I will give a detailed description of a few individuals and the observations of these respective individuals.

The chess players, I group of mostly older mature adult male individuals that are among the most sediment people in Union Square. These individuals are ethnically diverse but are mostly predominately African-American, they play for money, and according to what I observed they are not very well-dress or groomed. I believe most are unemployed since they spend the majority of their day in the plaza and hence there socioeconomic situation is not that bright. According to my observation most of the passing-by individuals' don't seem to pay much attention to this group of chess players. They know that these chess players are there to make money and will do anything to achieve that end. Do I believe that chess playing is appropriate to the location? Yes, I think it's appropriate, if the people are not playing for money otherwise I think that the activity is not so ideal.



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