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Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on International Businesses: Case Study of Marks and Spencer

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Essay Preview: Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on International Businesses: Case Study of Marks and Spencer

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The Question

Impacts of free trade agreements on International Businesses: Case study of Marks and Spencer.

The overall aim of this research proposal is to provide a comparative analysis of the underlying dynamics behind free trade in the business environment.

In order to achieve this aim, I will consider and try to understand the role of the competitive structure of the apparel industry. I will also look into the influence of the socio-economic situation on consumer behaviour. The study hopefully will conclude that Marks and Spencer will achieve its statements of intentions and its desired free trade performance level. Fundamentally, Marks and Spencer must concentrate its efforts further in displaying effective free trade strategies and the effects of free trade agreements (FTA) on International businesses. The research is reviewed on the FTA, the theories of International trades and trading zones and the implications of free trade for businesses. It also will also look at the continuously growing advantages and disadvantages of the FTA and within Marks and Spencer. It will also look at the benefits and drawbacks associated with the FTA.

The first task is to look at and identify potential articles to identify how different businesses view free trade and its regulations and how businesses are affected by these strategies and how they are applied to the business itself.

I will also view the trend which has continuously been shown through other Multinational businesses of using and applying free trade strategies.

As a member of the European Union the United Kingdom has become a member of the Free trade Agreements (FTA) in order to enter and exit trading bloc with other countries. The UK has remained committed to the orders of the multilateral system of free trade. The free trade agreements are constantly been monitored and edited in order for negotiations to take place internationally.

The gap within my research is that on how businesses still have obstacles even though the free trade agreements are in place. Looking briefly at the FTA and its agreements the UK can benefit dramatically from the FTA to bring economic benefits to UK businesses including Marks and Spencers. This could benefit the UK with millions of Pounds and offer a comprehensive market opening.



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