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Business Case

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Although there are many problem solving tools and techniques within this simulation, criteria matrix was used. In the simulation there were many problems, however some of the facts and solutions were to bigger problems. The most critical thing to do is identify the main problems and the root of the challenges. In a criteria decision matrix managers prioritize probable solutions to the tasks at hand. In the simulation there was a list of possible problem and it was up to one to decide whether it was an urgent, non- urgent, critical, or non critical. This tool is useful when one is trying to narrow down options so as to simplify the decision making process. Although this tool was successful in some way there are other tool and techniques that could have been used for better results. We have identified another problem-solving tool and technique which is cause- and effect diagram.

Solving problems can be impossible without taking in account many factors of cause- and- effect issues. In the simulation the cause and effect diagram may have helped to develop a common understanding across an organization in various contributing factors. This can help on what the outcome or the given quality problem or characteristic of the issue. Cause and effect diagram can help identify what the root causes, the basic reasons, specific effect problem or conditions. This tool and technique encourages group participation and utilizes group knowledge of the process. This engages everyone who will be part of the end results of what the outcome will be. This will help with everyone having the knowledge to help with the factors and the how they relate to what them. This could also indicate possible cause of various processes for now and the future. It identifies areas where data should be collected for further study. In the simulation this tool and techniques would have help ongoing over the years with identify root cause and effect to prevent some of the future issues. In our simulation we identified several problems however never identified what the root cause of things real were. In the simulation it would have been nice to identify the root problem earlier. In doing this the next step would have been the cause of the problems and how and what does it effect. In what way is this effecting things positively or negatively, and the time line on the issues.

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