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Business Communication Summary Report

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Communication in Business

"Current standard of communication"






This report has been written in response to a 15 September 2010 request by Susan Smith, Manager of XYZ Ltd, to investigate the current standard of communication at XYZ Ltd, and the opportunities to significantly improve the standard of communication, along with the expected benefits to XYZ Ltd.


Information was collected for this report by:

2.1 Interviewing members of staff in the administration, production, packaging, and dispatch departments.

2.2 Meeting with the managers of these departments

2.3 Contacting Customers for feedback on our services


3.1 The various teams and departments that make up the organization's 100-plus staff do not communicate well with each other.

3.2 There is very limited access to Internet and there is no intranet.

3.3 Employees are frustrated with what they see as an outdated communication system and blame each other and the system for high error rates.

3.4 A culture of 'I only do what I'm told' has developed.

3.5 Customers are increasingly dissatisfied with the service they receive.

3.6 There is no collective understanding of the company's vision and goals.

3.7 There are no company procedures to use for a new employee training in most areas.

3.8 Staffs are complaints because there's no salary/wages increase for the past year and the current year.

3.9 There's no health and safety tour for a new employee to see the health and safety rules around the premises.

3.10 Staffs are dissatisfied with no training and professional development opportunities from the company.

3.11 There are no regular meetings happening in most departments.

3.12 There a conflict behaviour between cultures differences, some people are races and showing no respect for others

3.13 Listening process is not improving in some of the departments

3.14 There is a Lack of privacy and confidentiality in few areas

3.15 Lots of Purchasing Terms and Conditions were not authorizing properly by the manager or the appropriate people.

3.16 Few people leaving the company because of the Management Style.

3.17 Company make a loss on unsold purchased products

3.18 There's lot of damage packaging items from Customers which sometimes can be faulty products when we received it.

3.19 There's not many customers provide delivery dockets with the goods


4.1 Various teams and departments do not communicate well because of all sorts of reasons e.g. shyness, disbelief etc.

4.2 There should be Intranet to be use for the appropriate staff members only

4.3 Staff recommend to use a better system to reduce the numbers of errors and give good performance for the business

4.4 Improve service to customers by working accurately and efficiently

4.5 Management to share company visions and goals with the employees

4.6 Procedures should be in place for any new members to follow through

4.7 XYZ Ltd



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