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Business Communications Trends

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Essay Preview: Business Communications Trends

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Communication is the most vital aspect of any professional setting. When it comes to any profession an individual must be able to communicate through written or verbal communication. When working in the restaurant industry most communication is verbal but there is some written communication.

Working at Subway is probably the easiest job someone could get. It is a lot of fun and the enjoyment one gets from it is all of the communication. Employees are able to talk to each other at any point in time during their shift and not to mention communicating with the customers. The customers actually make the day much more enjoyable. The best joke of the day is from the old man who comes in every day for lunch. The sweetest old lady comes in every night for dinner and her presence just puts a smile on everyone's face.

Not all businesses get the enjoyment of sharing these things with their employees and customers. If a manager needs something done immediately at Subway they do not email you to let you know or send you an instant message but they will walk up to you and ask you to do it. If the manager is not there and needs something done they will just pick up their phone and make a quick call up to the store.

90 percent of communication in a restaurant is verbal. There is that small 10 percent that is not verbal. The written communication is usually done between the store managers and corporate and that is to do things like place an order or to transmit over sales. Corporate will send out monthly emails to the managers to keep the updated on changes in policy or new equipment that is necessary. Managers only written form of communication with the employees would be the weekly work schedule that is posted every Monday and if there is a note left so the entire night crew knows something that the manager would like them to.

When at work on a daily basis laying out a game plan for the night always helps. It helps everyone that night get on the same page. Sales for the day are always high so it is difficult to determine what night sales are going to be like. This is why a game plan is done to leave room for a busier night. One person at night makes up the closing list. Then all crew members discuss what is going to be done and when it will be done and by whom.

Planning every move during the night is crucial and verbal communication is the key to it all. If everything is planned out then there is not much room for error. If the list is there to help guide each member when a task slips their mind then all tasks will get completed in a timely manner. In this industry time is crucial because every second counts towards labor. The lower the labor the better the chances are of pay increases.

At night the manager wants to make sure it is clear to the employees that if all tasks are completed and business is slow crew members will be sent home early. This usually makes employees a little upset but it does help keep



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