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Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

Business ethics involves good and bad behaviors, the decision of knowing and displaying good from evil. One must have the knowledge to do always the right thing. Keeping in mind that honesty is always the best policy. Ethic issues are usually considered to be a management discipline responsibility. Differences in cultural and ethical back grounds must always be taken into consideration. To fail in a business venture ethics would have already being comprise in a corporation. When one is discriminated against they have been place in situations where, they are over look for reasons other than their qualifications, undesirable advances and unfair treatment. These advances takes on many forms, when it involves an older worker and a younger employee, the younger always believe they have more knowledge and the older employee must be out of touch. Discrimination have many faces and is very obvious, there is racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and conflict. In difference treated fairly everyone must be treated equally with respect and value in a positive manner. The key is to value diversity in a secure and active style.

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexually oriented behavior that takes place with an individual of higher status on a job toward another individual of lesser status. We know of two forms of sexual harassment, hostile, and quid pro quo. This form of harassment includes individual seeking sexual favours for advancement on their job, hostile harassment happens when one is made to feel uncomfortable in their work environment receiving comments about their sexuality. Sexual harassment varies according to the person, just a simple hug, a kiss on the cheek, and sexual gestures can be determined as harassment to some. According to Trevino and Nelson" The U.S. Senate, confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas's nomination to the U.S. Supreme court in October 1991, in which the nominee was accused of sexual harassment by his former employer, Anita Hill), focused American business and workers on the issue of sexual harassment as perhaps nothing else has"( 2007 ). This too is also a form of discrimination, leading to an ethical problem in one's work place, leading to job advancement, retention, satisfaction and unfair treatment. Sexual harassment has nothing to do with love or romance but instead power and fairness.

Conflict involves two or more persons with differences in opinions, which most time can cause problems because one has compromise his or hers ability to be objective and use the proper judgment. A person must always follow proper guidelines, the rules and regulations of the company they are employed with to avoid conflict on the job. In most major companie's as well as government agencies it is against the law to accept gifts of any style or to even display a sense of friendship with the customers. These methods when handle correctly will avoid



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