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Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

In my business class, I learnt that the realm of ethics, also known as moral philosophy, involves systematic study of concepts, defending, and recommending them as either right or wrong. I learnt that there are three essential elements of ethical theories. They are; the distinct moralities that stress different values, the role of ethics as a systematic unifier of values and the question of whether ethical principles are values in the real sense. Applying utilitarianism in assessing the impacts of actions in relation to the ethical elements relies upon some intrinsic value whose premise is that, it is possible to compare and evaluate possible actions and estimate which would have better consequences. I also learnt that deontological ethics provides for duties and obligations, focusing on adherence to independent moral rules or duties since it judges the morality of an act based on the action's adherence to a rule. (Edel 1993)

In the course of learning, I identified workplace safety issues like keeping the work area clean, retrieval of items above the shoulder using stools or ladders, using the appropriate objects and tools for the job, ensuring machines are in excellent condition, keeping sharp objects in closed containers and many others.

I learnt of privacy as the state of being free from any observation or distractions by people, i.e. being free from public attention. Ones privacy is vital in attaining their objectives because of the criticism that arise out of publicity of lack of privacy that destroy a person's confidence. Technology has had a significant impact on privacy with respect to both physical and electronic locations where people need some privacy, access of their information by others and access to disclosure of information from other parties. Use of computers and the Internet have immensely contributed to the lack of privacy.

Discrimination is an understanding of the difference between one thing and another. I learnt that it is the unfair treatment of things or persons on the grounds of gender, sex and others. Gender and racial discrimination in the work place may be dealt with contacting the HR department for action and seeking advice from professionals.


Edel, Abraham. (1993). Method in Ethical Theory. New Jersey, NJ, Transaction Publishers.



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