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Business Research Ethics

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Business Research Ethics

Ethics, and the behaviors associated with them have the highest connotation for multiple reasons in a business organization. Companies must ensure they follow levels of ethical behavior when any activity is performed at their premises, especially activities related to business research. Business research is the methodical examination that provides information to direct managerial decisions (Ehow, 2013). Its purpose is to allow companies approach to important information on company policies, customer service, and consumer purchasing behavior. Business owners can use this information to discover which products and services are important to the public, worker morale and behaviors, in addition to what they can do to set apart from the competition. However, wrong methods or unethical research conduct can obscure results and lead to the damage of a company's process, financial statue, and image (Vitez, 2013).

An example of unethical business research was back on January 2, 2013, an article released in reference to "New York county declines to release names of licensed gun owners." The article states that Putnam County, N.Y., officials have said they would decline to release the names and addresses of the county's licensed handgun owners to the White Plains, N.Y.-based Journal News (Pearce, 2013). The unethical part of this current battle over the right to bear arms has caused uproar not only in itself, but also with becoming a privacy issue. In this particular situation the parties involved in such unethical behavior, is leaving a strong impression on residents that currently reside in the New York state, and U.S. citizens in other parts of America reading what the news released. Imagine if this is one of the many examples with requesting information on gun owners so therefore American people can only foresee future requests throughout America.

Article states that New York State Sen. Greg Ball released a statement, "This is clearly a violation of privacy, and needs to be corrected immediately." The people affected by this debate of violating gun owners privacy has new reporters involved, the state senate, and many residents of the state. One prime example, the article comments how The Journal News mentioned that readers have the right to know who is licensed to own a handgun. Although, County officials disagree with such requested information and there is future support by the state senator to change the legislation on open-records law for gun owners. County officials and state senator both state that publication of such names and addresses is unethical (Pearce, 2013).

Sadly to say, according to Law in New York state; it is public record the names and addresses of handgun owners. Executive director of governmental Committee, Robert J. Freeman, also says that it is Open Government, and there is reason for multiple interpretations, but hopes



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