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Business Research: Week 2- Business Research Ethics

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Essay Preview: Business Research: Week 2- Business Research Ethics

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Business Research: Week 2- Business Research Ethics

In August 31st 2012, American Samoa Development Bank's 1602 report was out. It was one of the most embarrassing moments for the president as well as the people who are currently working there. Development Bank of American Samoa is well-known for their help and support for the people of American Samoa. The purpose of this bank is to assist low-income families with their houses. This was one of their projects- was to help the low-income families who need assistant with building their homes and less interest rates. The Development Bank is a very good help. Personally, it has helped me and my family as well about 15 years ago. I have applied for a home renovation and the Board members as well as the president approved it. However, when I have applied for the second time, they did not approve.

What unethical research behavior was involved?

The unethical research behavior that was involved was the fact that development bank did not consider the low income families. However, the president and the board approved the people in the House of Representatives and other above average income families. According to the article, people that were involved include families of the president, families of the board for the Development Bank and other members of the House of Representative. In which people that are in the House of Representatives' were not suppose to be involved because they make more than $30,000.00 annually.

Who were the injured parties?

According to a participant, she was at the loan place from noon the day before; spend the night there and only left after turning it in to the loan department. The people that were injured by the articles are the parties that were approved to be part of the project. However, the parties that were mostly injured were the low income families that were not approved. It is sad to see that there are 4 low income units built for each about $175,500.00. The question is- "how can they built low income housings with this amount of money?

How has the unethical behavior affected the organization, the individual and society?

This unethical behavior affected the organization in which they are under investigation by the Federal Bureau Investigation. Furthermore, this has affected the president and people are questioning his loyalty to the people and its work. This also affected the society in which; the low income families have not been approved and yet, the people who can afford to pay for their mortgage homes are approved for this project.

How could the unethical behavior be avoided or resolved?

This practice can be avoided in which, the board members are to be re-defined again. The Development Bank for American Samoa needs a new board, needs a new president



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