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Business Research Methodology Report

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Report on “Viewer Perception about the Show,”Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashmah”

Div: A (Marketing)

Team Members                Roll Nos.

Sai Kini                                        129

Pranali Shah                                142

ChinmayTamhankar                145

Niraj Singh                                148


Our team would like to convey our sincere thanks to Professor Tejas Fadia for giving us an opportunity to earn and gain both the Theoretical and Practical knowledge via this particular project.

More so, the learning was multifold as the topics allotted were according to our respective Specialization Streams, in our case the stream being Marketing.

Also, our team would like to offer thanks to the Experts/ professionals belonging to the Television Industry, Makers of Taarak Mehta Ka OoltahChashmah and Professionals at SAB TV Channel for their kind and unrestrained support in helping us conduct our Primary Research Data.

Last but not the least, we thank all the Viewer Respondents for their taking out their time to fill our Survey Questionnaire and helping us achieve the Objective of this Research Project.

List of Contents

Section No.







Limitations of Research Study


Stage 1: Defining Research Objectives


Stage 2: Selection of the Research Design


Stage 3: Problem Definition


Stage 4: Selection of the Research Method


Stage 5: Selection of Sample Design


Stage 6: Collection of Data


Stage 7: Editing and Coding


Stage 8: Data Processing and Analysis


Stage 9: Interpretation of the Findings






Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashmah is an Indian sitcom produced by Neela Tele Films Private Limited. The show went on-air on 28 July 2008 on SAB TV. The show is based on the column 'Duniya NaOondhaChashmah' written by columnist and journalistTaarak Mehta for the Gujarati weekly magazine Chitralekha. The Sitcom, features on SAB TV and has been aired for almost 7 years now. The Show has been known for its Characters like Jethalal and DayaGada and Punchlines such as “Ae maamataji”. The show has been a Hit across all the Age-Groups and has been a Proud Achiever of numerous Awards.

Both the Secondary as well as Primary Research has been undertaken as a part of this Project.

In order to make this research study more detailed and holistic in terms of understanding the Genesis of the results and findings arrived at the end of this project, the study was conducted in TEN STAGES which are as follows:

Limitations of Our Research Study

  • There may be a chance of under estimation or over estimation of the data.
  • Moreover only acquaintances are taken as respondents because of the constraint of accessibility.
  • Sample Size not representing all the three Age Groups Equally i.e. Sample Size is more skewed towards the Age Group: 18-35 Years.
  • Despite of editing, there still might be some Unwanted Respondents i.e. the respondents who do not watch TMKOC.

STAGE ONE: Defining Research Objectives

To understand the Viewer’s Perception regarding the Show “Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashmah”and analyze the show’s Competitive Edge over the other Comedy Series with respect to the following aspects:

  1. Genre (Comedy/Sitcom)
  2. Concept
  3. Format of the Show (Episodic Stories)
  4. Characterization
  5. Overall Presentation
  • Set
  • Outdoor Locations
  • Props used(In terms of look and authenticity)
  • Costumes
  • Festivities Showcase
  • Actors (In terms of Looks and acting skills)
  • Over all Look of the Show

STAGE TWO: Selection of the Research Design

Descriptive Research Design: Cross-Sectional Studies

Since in our research project, we are attempting to describe the viewers’ perception and watching pattern concerning the show “Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashmah”, our research design would fall under the category of Descriptive Research Design. Also under Descriptive Research, there are two types viz:

  • Cross-Sectional Studies: Involves a one-time interaction with groups of people.
  • Longitudinal Studies: A study which involves following individuals over time.

As our research required us to have just a One-Time interaction with our respondents, our study falls into the Category of Cross-Sectional Studies.

STAGE THREE: Problem Definition

Decision Statement

Research Objective


Do viewers like watching the show “Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashmah”?

Understand viewers’ perception and opinions regarding the show’s different aspects which are listed below:

  1. Genre (Comedy/Sitcom)
  2. Concept
  3. Format of the Show (Episodic Stories)
  4. Characterization
  5. Overall Presentation

On the back of the Decision Statement and Research Objective the following Hypotheses have been proposed:

  1. The Genre (Comedy/Sitcom) of the Show is well liked by the audience.
  2. The Content of the Show is found to be Repetitive by the audience.
  3. The Format of the Show (Episodic Stories) is found interesting by the audience.
  4. The Characterization of the Show is found loud by the audience.
  5. The Overall Presentation of the show is found Average by the audience.

Is there any discrepancy between the opinions of the viewers and the Show makers with respect to the following aspects?

  1. Genre (Comedy/Sitcom)
  2. Concept
  3. Format of the Show (Episodic Stories)
  4. Characterization
  5. Overall Presentation

Understand the Show makers’ opinions with respect to the different aspects of the show listed in the Decision Statement.

There is a Discrepancy between the opinions of the viewers and the Show makers with respect to the different aspects of the Show mentioned in the Decision Statement.



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