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Business Research

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1.1 Background of the study

This research is to study on the perception of the employees towards internal recruitment of the corporate organization. Internal recruitments means that the organization search for individuals that work in the organization to fill in the place for higher position without use the external recruitment that need a lot of cost , waste of time and also need to train the new employee.

To prevent all this factors the organization might use internal selection. In this internal recruitment there is also few process to be implemented. Firstly is the process of recruitment planning. This addresses both organizational and administrative issues. Organizational issues include mobility paths and mobility path policies. Administrative issues include requisition, number and types of contacts, budgets, and recruitment guide.

The second process is strategy development. The process strategy which are implemented are closed, open and targeted method being applied and also attention goes to where, when and how to look for qualified internal employee`s in an organization.

The third step in the process is searching for internal candidates. This step consisted of the communication massage and medium for notification of the job vacancy. The message can be realistic, branded, or targeted.

The last step is developing a system which considers about the legal issues. Which is mainly important to follow the rules and terms which need to be conceded when making the transition to selecting employee`s which will be promoted in an organization.


This study focuses on employees from corporate organization of both Hartalega.Sdn.Bhd and TOP Glove Sdn. Bhd. In general, this study intends to look for their perception towards Internal Recruitment. Specifically, the objectives of the study are shown as follows:

I. To know the background of the employee in both targeted organization

II. To study employees perception towards Internal Recruitment

III. To determine advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment towards organization


The current issue in this research is some of the employees are unaware of the internal recruitment process implemented in their organization and the current problem with internal recruitment is that the process of internal recruitment do some time might demotivated some the employees because they feel that the employees who promoted is not the best candidate.



Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of the environment by organizing and interpreting sensory information. All perception involves signals in the nervous system, which in turn result from physical stimulation of the sense organs. For example, vision involves light striking the retinas of the eyes, smell is mediated by odor molecules and hearing involves pressure waves. Perception is not the passive receipt of these signals, but can be shaped by learning, memory and expectation. Perception involves these "top-down" effects as well as the "bottom-up" process of processing sensory input. Perception depends on complex functions of the nervous system, but subjectively seems mostly effortless because this processing happens outside conscious aware


An employee contributes labor and expertise to an endeavor of an employer and is usually hired to perform specific duties which are packaged into a job. In most modern economies, the term "employee" refers to a specific defined relationship between an individual and a corporation, which differs from those of customer or client.

Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment is a process of recruiting people within the organization. It is also defined as the practice of selecting candidates among present company workers to fill a position that becomes vacant. Workers in organization come to know about internal vacancies through many ways. The vacancies are generally advertised within the organization through a variety of media like Staff notice boards, Intranets, In-house magazines / newsletters (for a particular business), weekly staff magazine dedicated completely for advertising jobs within the organization, and Staffmeetings.


Employee will understand better about the process of how the internal recruitment is conducted and at the same time will motivate them to improve their programmers in work and the employees will have good perception towards the organization. It`s also helps the organization on a proper way to retain and promoting to their existing employee and by doing the internal recruitment the employee will be more productive and efficient and the benefits goes back to the organization itself.



The resources gathered in this chapter are collected from the relevant articles, books, journals, internet, personal findings and analysis. Thus, this chapter gathers sufficient information to support discussion and arguments in the area of the study discussed.


According to Edwin B. Flippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization". Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers. A few definitions of recruitment are: A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected.

It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the requirement of staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force. Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool. The main objective of the recruitment



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