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Camp Green Lake

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- A hundred and ten years before Camp Green Lake existed, a beautiful, thriving town named "Green Lake" was situated on the edge of the lake.

- CGL resembles a prison/work camp. "The town shriveled and dried up along with the lake, and the people who lived there."

- Orange clothing is similar to those worn by the inmates in many prisons. "You're not in the Girl Scouts anymore."

- digging holes alludes to digging graves


- placed in authority over those who have no power: likes to get her way and have the control over the camp

- Establish & maintain power: punishment-reward system, favour [stop treating the boys well], retaliates with a threat when Pendanski threatens her control.

- At Camp Green Lake, there is not a system of checks and balances, and the Warden can eliminate the records of Zero and not be concerned about his safety or well-being.

- Don't question her authority, she is the authority: Fill Stanley's canteen though Sir just did; poor treatment towards her employees

- Lose patience when the boys couldn't find anything; become mean - cut their water SS & work faster

- Physical threat: jabs Armpit with pitchfork drawing blood

- Cruelty causing more cruelty: rewards only those who do what she wants, hidden cameras to spy, rattlesnake venom use to scratch those who displeases her

- Effective - everybody is afraid to get on her bad side, which kept all of them in place & she is able to continue torturing them.

Mr Sir:

- menacing physical presence & has a mean personality, tough, mean

- constant menace + ever-present threat of the Warden + dry heat

- revengeful/ vengeance: doesn't give Stanley his water SS

- effective - boys were afraid when they were going to get caught stealing the sunflower seeds.

Mr Pendanski:

- seems to be a surprisingly kind presence at CGL

- boys call him ''mum'': caring family member & his desire to help the boys

- meanness: explanation of Zero's name - [he is empty]

- calls the boys by their names: perceived as being'respectful'

- a character to be wary of:

- repeated



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