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Camps Case

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Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler in January 1933 and was soon called the Führer.Joining the Nazi Party was his first step in rising power because eventually he had control over it with his ideas. The Great Depression of 1929 allowed Hitler to gain power because he promised jobs to the unemployed and prosperity. The use of fear also helped Hitler maintain and build his power in Nazi Germany. Hitler began the creation of his secret police force called SS officers, who fought those opposing Hitler. Nuremberg Laws of 1935 Jews weren't allowed to marry a non Jew, removed from school, banned from professions, excluded from military and more.

During his regime eleven millions of Jews, gypsies, slaves and others lost their lives in concentration camps. Jews were killed because of Hitler's racist ideas influenced toward the people. He believes the master race was individuals with blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin. In Germany and Jews forced to wear yellow star. Concentration camps were soon created for labor use. Originally camps were controlled by Hitler's Gestapo, but then he ordered the S.S. to take control.

Holocaust is the genocide of Jews during World War II. The cause of the holocaust is that Hitler blamed Jews, the scapegoats for the start of World War II. Hitler's "final solution" was to round up all Jews and bring them to a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. The Jews would have to ride in cattle cars filled with so many people that they were unable to move. The cattle cars brought them to camps and many captives died along the way from starvation. Once at the camps the Jews were divided into two groups. Those who were healthy enough to do labor were kept alive in one group. The second group included babies, children, women and grandparents. They were put to death at once because they were no use to the Nazis. In the camps, showers were used to kill useless Jews with gas but the Nazis gathered the Jews together and told them they are just going to take shower.

In the movie, Memory of the Camps, it showed a visual presentation of how concentration camps were like. The camps were surrounded by barbed wires, to imprison Jews from any means of escaping. Jews worked to death in the hot sun with limited amounts of water and food. Many died from either starvation or dehydration because of the rationed supplies. The film also shows how children and adults were so skinny that there was no inch of fat on their body, just skin and their bones sticking out. Dead prisoners were stacked in piles naked onto each other like marble naked dolls. Bodies were stripped down naked because Nazis didn't want people to know their identification and the clothes were given to new prisoners entering the camps to use for their stay. Some bodies had bruises showing evidence that prisoners were abused and treated like slaves. Camps eventually were liberated but many saw the world in a different perspective and



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