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Career Case

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Chosen Career Field and Why It Appeals To Me


This paper is going to focus on my chosen career path which is computer networking. The reasons I chose this career path and I will discuss the different parts of IT with specify attention on the telecommunications links that connect computers to each other or to other devices. This type of connectivity is called wide area network (WAN). There will be selected empirical investigation results from scholar's authors and journals into the use of computer network. It will explore the magic of how people can access remote resources through electronic mail, file transfer, and remote log-in.


My love for computers started from my High school days, when one of my teachers mesmerized me with his wizardry of computer knowledge. At the time computers were very difficult to operate, you have to know how to navigate through Disk operating system (DOS) an operating system from IBM. After graduating from high school a made a conscious decision to travel to the United States the land that flows with milk and honey.

From then on I decided to be a computer technician even though I have a bachelor's degree in International business. With some certification I was able to be certified as a Microsoft certified Engineer, the work I did for 15years. I hope that with my MBA in information security management new doors of opportunity will open.

Today computer operation has been made easy, thanks to Microsoft windows all you need to do is point and click, but what intrigues me most is the knowledge of knowing how computers talk to one another. The idea that you can communicate with somebody overseas through computers without any physical wires is mind boggling to a layman. With the knowledge I have acquire over the years it makes sense that I should be at the cutting edge of technology. Moreover, money is a factor too; one cannot ignore the importance of making enough money to take care of one's family. The opportunity of acquiring a good paying job in the IT department is a motivating factor because of the ever growing industry, with my MBA degree in information security management the sky will be the limit.


Wide Area Network allows users to communicate with other users and access remote resources through electronic mail, file transfer, and remote log-in. This access is made possible by hard working computer engineers who are entrusted with the research, design, development,

and the execution of the projects.

The reason I chose this career is because the process of achieve this goals



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