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Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Part I

The merger of InterClean and Enviro Tech has resulted in changes to the company. The most significant change is the direction InterClean is perusing. This new direction will provide customers with not only cleaning product, but will also consist of full-service cleaning solutions for organizations. The merger has created new openings for mid-level sales managers and a plan has been created to ensure the success of the team.

The ability of InterClean to succeed with the aggressive new plan will rely upon the development of the careers of its current and future staff. A study has been conducted to determine the staffing required which meet the needs of the company goals and new full service approach to grow the business and become number one. The purpose of this report is to:

* Explain the information found in the job analysis report for the new salesperson positions.

* Describe the workforce planning system on sales development for the sales team.

* Identify the staff selection method showing its advantages and disadvantages.

* Identify the employees chosen for the team with the reasons why these employees have been selected.

Before the process started the context has been established by summarizing InterClean's new, aggressive business strategy. Keeping the business strategy in the front of the process will ensure the proper candidates for the positions will be selected to meet the strategic goals.

Job Analysis Information

Job analysis is the process to determine in detail the specifics of the particular job. The created mid level sales manager positions create the first of multi-functional teams to support InterClean's high quality products and incorporating high-quality service. The analysis shows what tasks will need to be done on the job to ensure profitable and compliance to the plans and produce unparalleled growth. The analysis lays out step by step and process by process along with the interpersonal characteristics, (education, experience, specialized training, and personality), necessary to complete the tasks, (Cascio, 2006).

The requirements have been laid which will align the employee skills with the company objectives are as follows: Job-related, general, contract, leadership, customer service, communications, and compliance training. Understanding the current workforce's skill set and training background will allow InterClean to fill the open positions with suitable individuals. Job-related training consists of the training received on product updates, applications, new products, discontinued products, and warranties. This category also includes sales training and skill development training with an update on generating leads, responding to inquiries, growing the client base, establishing an effective tracking system, working with long term clients, and generating referrals. General training pertains to general interests such as time management, stress reduction, and nutrition along with other healthy systems. Contract training pertains to bidding estimating costs, administration, proposal development, and contract renewal. Computer training pertains to the use of software packages which assist in keeping track of contacts and records of client contacts, (generally Microsoft packages). Leadership training pertains to getting the most from employees, setting goals, and giving constructive feedback. Customer service training is how to deal with angry customers, how to construct an effective voicemail message, and tips for using e-mail. Communications training is developing effective written skills, how to conduct research, letter styles and formats, grammar, teams, and presenting to groups effectively. Finally compliance training consists of federal regulations for clean up, disposal chemicals, and environmental cleanup, (University of Phoenix, 2010).

Interviews and questionnaires were used to gather the necessary information on behavior and tasks deemed necessary for the new positions of midlevel sales managers. The job performance method was ruled out because it



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