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Hrm 300 - Employee Training and Career Development

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Essay Preview: Hrm 300 - Employee Training and Career Development

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Employee Training and Career Development

Ashley Anderson


August 17, 2015

Timothy Turcotte
Employee Training and Career Development

Training in an Organizations Development

A corporation has a connection with the new hires and the employee and trainer because usually with people the first impression is a lasting impression when coming in contact with the new employee to a business or company. The necessity for training within a corporation grows when the corporation are hire new employees or when the company or corporation want to expand their business. Training comes into play when there is a modification with a job, an adjustment in the method of merchandise development or a perception on the customer. Some corporation seek to get outside help for their training process and when this occurs things start to become complicated with the corporation. Most times the corporation thinks the trainer are mindful of the training needs of the applicants and their corporation, and the material that they have will meet those needs for the trainees. This indication a failure of the train class, that results in complicity. It is the duty of the trainer and their corporation mindful of their principles, responsibilities of the company.

Different Employee Development Methods and their Benefits

Employee development and career development are similar but they do have their key distinctions that are pretty prominent. An example of this is the development on an employee stand point relatively refers or involves the organizations best attempts to train or grow an employee’s career skills so they are able to develop new and better job skills as the jobs today update on a regular basis and require refresher courses constantly to keep up with the everyday growing needs of companies. Company development usually consists of programs that concentrate more on opportunities that help the employees grow to reach their full potential as well as reach their goals of what they want out of their career. In past years many studies have been conducted that exploited the fact that employees that where offered opportunities for personal growth where more committed to their jobs than those who were not offered chances for personal growth. In reality organizations that create chances for personal growth and development have had an easier time to retain employees and companies that did not lost more employees. The general concept of thought is that to create a more motivated staff you must offer the proper amount of chances for employees to sharpen and create new skills to get the job done, as well as offer company benefits.

The Relationship between Employee Development and Organizational Development

Employee development is more future oriented and more focused on the education than job specific training. Employee development is used to enhance an employee’s ability to understand and interpret knowledge. Success employees prepare for positions of greater responsibility, have human conceptual and specialized and analytical skills. It is best to focus predominantly on educating the employee rather than just training them. This type of development was usually used for management; all employees regardless of their skill level can be developed. Although it is critical for individuals to be trained in their specific skills that relate to managing, training and decision making as time goes on non-managerial employees should be trained for these skills as well. Job rotation, assistant to position, and seminar are some methods that can be used to develop those skills.



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