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Performance and Development Plan

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Performance and Development Plan

The performance management system discussed in this paper is the performance development plan (PDP, A performance development plan has two parts; performance planning and performance assessment. In performance planning employee expectations such as results and competencies are documented along with assessment of training and developmental needs. The performance assessment is conducted more than once a year, preferably quarterly and performance feedback is received from the supervisor and or manager. (Coen, 2001).

Research was conducted and found that Harvard University implements the PDP in their performance appraisal program. This program is used for exempt and non-exempt employees. Harvard University utilizes this program because they want to invest in their employees. A PDP requires a structure for career development and promotes effectiveness for individuals as well as teams. The plan enhances communication among employees and supervisors and represents best practices. (Harvard University, 2012).

The performance appraisal is done on a quarterly basis with all employees. These appraisals are conducted by the manager in each division. The quarterly meeting gives the employee and manager a time to discuss what goals and objectives the employee needs to achieve and how or what type of coaching or training is needed in order for them to reach the goals. The manager explains why the goals and objectives are necessary by stating how they align with the company's strategy.

Managers and supervisors at Harvard University work with their employees and use coaching as a way to help employees grow and develop in their careers.

When employees encounter issues with their work they know they can depend on their supervisor to help them understand and learn how to do their job effectively. Monthly meetings are set to discuss any issues or concerns employees are having so they can receive coaching or training in given areas to help them succeed.

Disciplinary action is taken when employees do not meet company standards set forth in the policy and procedure manual. The human resource division has employees and supervisor schedule meetings to document poor performance. Employees receive written explanations to what they are doing wrong and are given 30 days for improvement. The employee signs off on the disciplinary action form. During this meeting the supervisor encourages the employee in how to correct the offense.


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