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Case Analysis Paper

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There are many cases out in the world that violate both student and teacher rights. The following three cases do just that. The following cases violate freedom of speech, expression, press, public assembly as well as violation of privacy. Some people may disagree with the violation of privacy if it concerns student safety. The first case discusses the violation of privacy.

A fourth grade student discovered that an envelope of PTA money that his mother gave him to give to the principal was missing from his backpack while he was in his classroom. The teacher asked everyone in the class to look for the envelope. When it was not found, the teacher requested everyone empty their backpacks, jackets and be subjected to a search. The envelope of money was still not found. The next day, a set of parents filed a complaint with the school principal protesting the search of their daughter. (Group, 2006)

A lot of parents may find this an invasion of their children's privacy. However that isn't the case the school may search the lockers and desks of students because they are school property. A school may also search backpacks or purses if there is a reasonable suspicion that a rule may have been broken. So in this scenario it was right to search the students because an envelope of money was missing.

The teacher in this scenario was in her rights to search the students because of the money missing. Another example that supports the idea that it is ok to search students with cause is the New Jersey V. TLO case. In this case school officials searched a young lady's purse under the suspicion that she was smoking. The school found cigarettes, a lighter, marijuana, and a few other things that implicated the student as a drug dealer. (New Jersey v. T.L.O.) The schools are in their limits by searching students as long as there is a legitimate reason like a danger to other students, violation of school rules or breaking the law.

The second scenario is about an elementary teacher becomes a national spokesman for a legalization of marijuana organization. Even though he has 25 years of exemplary evaluations, his employment is terminated after an investigative reporter writes an article on the teacher, exposing his association with the organization. The teacher files a suit claiming his rights were violated. (Group, 2006) Teachers are a loud to have a life outside of their classrooms and if this is how the teacher wants to spend his time then so be it. It may not be a great idea because he is influencing young students but as long as he isn't promoting drug use in his class room it shouldn't be an issue.

An article that supports this is one about the head of the second-largest teachers union in the country said that she supports this year's ballot initiative in California to regulate marijuana. (Project, 2011). The Union head flat out says she believes that the usage of marijuana is okay as long as



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